Lets see some of those GT's

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  1. <marquee>Can Anyone Please Tell Me WHY My Images are Coming Up as Links, and NOT Images????</marquee>

  2. did you put the [​IMG]
  3. <marquee>idk but mine dont work anymore either!!! :bang:</marquee>
  4. <marquee direction=right>:uzi::spot::spot::spot::spot::spot: </marquee>
  5. <marquee direction=up>mr fancy pants thinks its cool to make his stuff move the other way....huh!

  6. <marquee direction=up>Yeah i guess he thinks hes really smart! I dont know what you're thinking man!?</marquee>

    <marquee direction=left>Well i have nothing productive to add to this thread for awhile until i can find my pictures again</marquee>

    <marquee direction=right>-Drew</marquee>
  7. how do you all do that??!?!!
  8. [​IMG]

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  9. <marquee direction=up>[​IMG]</marquee>

    <marquee direction=right>[​IMG]</marquee>
  10. hey 95snoozer, post the picture of your stang facing forward with the "microsoft type background" I love your stang man.

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