Lets see some of those GT's

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  1. Yes they are, I'm selling a set (new or used, your choice) if you're interested :)
  2. here is my little project...it rained after I washed her (hey what can I say it is Hawaii).
    hope you all like it

  3. that my friends car and it's been repainted since those pics it's all dep jewel grean now with a cobra rear bumper and cobra r hood i'll look for some pics
  4. Here's my sled... :D

  5. thanks

    this one? or another?

    yes this is a real pic and its by my parents house :)
  6. Bob, your new paint looks killer!!!
  7. Nice rides guys. That black one w/ silver stripes and saleen kit is wicked. Except the cobra emblems!
  8. Well thats not it. I thought you had one with your stang facing forwards. but oh well, i have always been a fan of the mustang yellow and the clean (no spoiler) look. :nice:

    As for rel3rd, thats just sick man. Those wheels and that hood make that car. Yet again, another example of a beutiful yellow mustang :drool:
  9. here is one i just discovered[​IMG]
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys!

    That's what makes it all worthwhile. :nice:

    There's lots of sweet rides in this thread IMO... :hail2:
  11. man i need a stang sooon
  12. That's a beautiful white car!!!
  13. My 94GT, Great thread and some really nice rides!!!

    Don't know where my picture went though!