Lets see some of those GT's

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  1. Yeah really nice rides guys, keep em coming! :)
  2. Well comments like that make modding well worth it. Especially coming from someone like yourself. Even if i cant get my stang to do 12.31 weighing a bazillion pounds, ill sure as hell try to get it there.

    Bump, to keep this thread going to give everyone a shot to show off their pride and joy.


    Edit: Killercanary, when are you getting your new wheels. Are they going to be the new American Racing ones?
  3. Drew- I am getting the bogart RR10's for my car. They are a different looking wheel and some do not like them, but I love them and they fit the personality of my car. They look like a drag wheel gone road race which is perfect for me. I'm waiting to hear back form the buy I'm ordering them for the exact amount they are going to cost then they'll be ordered.
  4. Man thats is just plain sick. :rolleyes: :D
  5. Is that good or bad? hehe
  6. All i got was a red X. And that geocities site is already down.

    Edit: Opps, nm. But yes, your stang is sweet. :nice:
  7. DaveB,

    Nice Cobra rims. How do you like the roll bar? Here is my Stang:


    The rims are factory 17s. Anybody know if these were an option?
  8. Yes, they were the "premium" wheel on our cars.

    BTW- I LOVE your sig!!!! I was in like 9th grade when that song was out and it helped solidify my love for drop top mustangs and I'm NOT afraid to admit it!!! :nice:
  9. Im pretty sure those rims came stock in 94-95 with the GT. Mine did at least.


    Edit: Nm, im an idiot. I just looked it up and then read killers post. :bang:
  10. killercanary,

    Thanks Bro. I was a junior when the song came out. All of the cool kids in HS had ragtop Fox body Stangs. I had a POS 924 Porsche that I had to use a hammer to start. The thing had a hole in the exhaust and sounded like a Panzer division on blitzkrieg mode. It was also an automatic, so I will probably go to Hell for that :nonono:

    I was looking for a yellow Stang to match my wife's Xterra. Cool color!
    Thanks for the wheel info.
  11. Thanks, I can't wait to put them back on. Theyre off for the winter months. :bang: The rollbar doesn't bother me too much. With the crossbar, it is a complete pain for people to get in the back though. But its nice to know that it'll be there in case I ever flip it (knock on wood).
  12. here's mine

    street trim and drag trim

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  13. here you go.

  14. that is nasty lookin with the hood and side exhaust onebad95. nice 1/4 numbers on top of that.

  15. It's gonna get even better in a couple months. No hints though...
  16. Well, they aren't a GT, but they do fill the 94-95 specific category


    The v6 has duals now too... and i can't wait till spring so the Cobra can come out of its hibernation (cold blooded reptiles :rolleyes: ) :D
  17. is that a firebird or camaro in the garage. and lets see some pics of that
  18. 1972 Z/28 350 4spd/hurst shifter 4.10s, 350+hp... my dads car, its friggin fun and fast, and beyond loud with 1 chamber flows and dumps. if someone can tell me how to post a pic, ill put one up