Lets see some of those GT's

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  1. Wheel spacers....

  2. time to move!!! :D

    yeah, it's wicked nice right now. It was 80 and sunny two days ago, but yesterday it was a bit colder (60s).

    Hey, at least you are dealing with all the nascar race fans..... holy crap there's a lot of people in Daytona right now for the races!!!!!
  3. Funny looking back yard!
  4. bet ya that's water front property.. :D
  5. thanx...i got in accident a few years back and got my hood and car repainted. if you look at the right angle, you can tell where the color blends from the front to back. ive been debating on spacers but was always scared using them. whats the max amount of spacing you can go??
  6. we all know the yellow sn95s are the fastest:D

    took new pics...

    here is a teaser

    11.5 inch DOT slick- 20 dollars on a hell of a deal
    extra pair of ponies- free
    the look on people face when a stock looking car launches on them- PRICELESS

    <img src=http://www.sesamestreetracing.com/garage4.jpg>
  7. ok 1 day I will get new photos of my car but for now here it is

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  8. Hazmat, Ive seen you car before parked outside of best buy/toys r us in downers grove. :nice:

    Love the hood pins.
  9. Here's a Canadian one!
    Still in storage till spring!

    Hey why can't I see the picture, (only the url)?

  10. hell yeah man....thats where i park it so all the moms leave me sexy notes on my car. if you want something for like $5 (i dont care if its $40 or what) just come into the electronic area with all the games ;)
  11. Do you work at best buy or toys-r-us?
  12. As always Dave, the car looks killer. I love the hidden wires look.
  13. Not the best pic
  14. Check this out. Proof that too much polish will thin your paint. :rlaugh:

  15. nice, very cool sn!! nice to see a fellow canadian with this beast :p
  16. Last5oh- that is a VERY cool picture. I saw an old hotroad with a clear hood once and I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I'd love one, but I see the ricers are starting to run them in clear fluoresent (sp) colors.
  17. Thats a mean look car you got there bro!!