Lets see some of those GT's

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  1. Im not trying to sound rude but im almost 100% sure that that picture is photoshoped. I have seen other pictures like that. I think it might of been Mansonozz that had a picture like that. Please someone correct me if im wrong.


    Edit:I just re-read what you said and i realized that you were complimenting on the picture and not the hood. Sorry, and yet again i am proven an idiot.. :bang:
  2. I will have new pics in the spring after Turbo is installed.


  3. Of course its Photoshoped! and you're not rude, you're smart. The photo took 15 minutes to produce (from the time I shot the photos and photoshop work). It was created to represent the 'sleeper nature' of the car. I was sick and tired of Fox and 99+ owners referring to the 94-95s as pigs or dogs (heavy and under-powered) so I created the photo. The caption I had in mind was: "little deuce coupe... you don't know what I got."

    To those interested in duplicating the photo, use a tripod. The 2 shots of course (hood open and closed). Superimpose in photoshop and play with the transparency.
  4. Kretz post some better/bigger pics. I'm considering the Stalker kit and its hard to find good pics.
  5. you can check cardomain for my car at


    Thanks WhiteDevil, Ive had it for 3 1/2 years now
  6. TRU baby....its easy to get "cheaper" games from there :lol: . lemme know when you are comin in and ill tell ya when im workin. i wanna take some more pics without that cheby in there and maybe another mustang or two in there :D . we will see whats up during spring/summer :)
  7. Here's mine from last weekend. It's slowly coming out of hibernation. :D Check out my website (see sig) for more pics.

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  8. coming out of hibernation already ?

    damn lucky boy :! we still have like 40cm of snow on ground here :nonono:
  9. 40cm of Canadian snow is like what, 2" US snow? :rlaugh: j/k

    Nice lookin rides everyone, keep em comin. :flag:
  10. My car will be in the shop in a couple of weeks to get everything fixed from getting backed into. Ill have some pics, noone will recognise the car.
  11. Here she is......
  12. MY GT'S

    This is my toy collection:D

  13. Wow! Talk about blast fromt he past...

    I so wish I could've posted pictures of some of your guys cars what they look like now, back then.
    That would've been cool...lol
  14. holy thread reserection!!!!!! lol :D
  15. Good lord I remember this thread. :crazy:
  16. Holy crap, I remember this thread. :spot: