Lets see some Pic's of your V-6 Mustang

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  1. Do not see hardly any pic's of anyones V-6 stang, so I will start with a pic of mine and see if this gets the ball rolling on showing your ride. This pic is not in the best light or at the best angle, but it is a start.

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  2. Found another one at a different angle and cleaner.

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  3. My v6 lol

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  4. I actually have 2 identical mustangs I picked up over the weekend. They are 2000 mustangs V6 5 speeds the red one is m wife's and the silver is mine.
    beba5y3a.jpg vyqemume.jpg
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  5. Nice looking stangs guys, btw Bullitt347 I have never seen those rims before and I like them a lot. What kind of gas mileage do y'all get with you Mustangs? Reason I ask because someone I know is looking for a sporty car but gets decent gas mileage and they only have like $5500 to spend.
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  6. I think I'm getting around 23 mpg haven't calculated yet but will soon. Both mine are 5 speeds V6
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  7. 2000 V-6 3.8L with 104K miles on her and she's still haulin'. MyCar01.JPG
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  8. Bullitt 347, what all do you have done to yours? ResizedImage_1378695052792.jpg

    2003 3.8L

    A/M CAI
    BBK 65mm TB
    Ported Upper and Lower intake Manifolds
    Pacesetter L/T's
    Pacesetter o/r X pipe
    Pypes Violator tail-pipes and mufflers
    Screamin Demon coil packs
    PDL 10mm plug wires
    NGK Iridium IX plugs
    Spec stage 2 clucth
    Tri-ax short throw
    93 Octane Bama tune

    GT rear bumper/wing
    GT 8.8 rear end w/ Ford Racing 3.73's
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  9. All that money in mods and you probably don't even break 200rwhp. I admire you building your car but I don't see why anyone would waste money performance-modding a pre-2011 V6 Mustang.
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  10. I have H&R sport springs
    Maximum Motorsports sub-frame connectors
    UPR rear lower control arms
    Installed Trac-lock rear diff with stock 3.27:1 rear gears
    Accufab 70mm throttle body ( upper port matched to T-Body)
    Steeda cold air kit
    SCT tuner
    Steeda underdrive crank pulley
    MagnaFlow dual exhaust cat-back system
    GT rear bumper cover (thanks to an idiot that rear ended me)
    QA1 caster camber plates
    QA1 bump steer kit
    Mach 1 front chin spoiler
    Grill delete (Late Model Restoration I think)
    Boyds 18x10 rear wheels 275/45/18 555 Nittos
    Boyds 17x8.5 front wheels 225/45/17 Michelin Pilot Super Sports
    Engine/trans/rear diff switch to synthetics
    MSD 8mm plug wires (stock wires gave out at 148K miles)
    Front leather seats from a 2000 GT (Had stock cloth seats)
    Car gets 32+ mpg at 70 mph highway.
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  11. Because I can............this car runs, drives and gets better mpg than stock and it does not look like grandma's DD.
    I also have a modded 08' Bullitt for my street HP bug.
    I am almost done with my 89' Saleen drag car than will sport a 1200+ HP 358cid small block Kenne Bell supercharged engine for my real fix on HP addiction.
    The 01' V-6 car is the perfect DD that does not look like the same old, same old.
    But mostly I modded it because I can.......and because I wanted to.
  12. I just wanted to build something that most people wont, a lot of people look down on the 3.8's but they are great little street cars and can easily be built to keep up with the GT's
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  13. Another side note...........the 01' V-6 5 speed Mustang of mine out handles my 08' Bullitt. The Bullitt has 18" Enkei wheels (a lot lighter than the stock wheels) Steeda ultra light springs, HP Motorsports rear upper and lower control arms and panhard bar, Steeda radiator support and JBA headers, X-pipe, Moroso axle back mufflers and a custom tune along with the Ford Racing cold air kit and Steeda underdrive crank pulley. Now in a straight line the Bullitt kills the V-6 car so bad it is laughable. but put them through some corners where HP is not an advantage, the lighter V-6 car is so much quicker it leaves the Bullitt in the dust. The 01' V-6 Mustang is 500 lbs lighter than my Bullitt!
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  14. Gotta love the driver mod:burnout:
  15. I will have to disagree. The 3.8's are horrible motors that underperform against even a lot of the smaller 6's at the time (and even against some 4cyl motors). 4.6 2V's are by no means excellent motors themselves, but you're talking about a difference of at least 50-60rwhp/80-90rwtq and 2-2.5 sec in the 1/4. There's no way the 3.8 is going to make that up without going FI or spray.
  16. The 3.8's can be built to be great motors i agree with you for stock motors and thats to be expected thats why its the v6 and not the GT you can easily build the whole motor to outrun a stock GT any day.
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  18. Correct me if Im wrong....but swapping to heavily machined stg. 3 heads, complete upper/lower intake, and a gnarly cam isn't "easy" or "easily". That's some pretty heavy work. And the 80hp gain is at the motor, not the rear wheels. Basically all that to get the 3.8 to near stock 4.6 2V power levels.

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against V6 mustangs. Without them there wouldn't be any GT's or Cobra's. I just don't see the point of performance modifying them. But its your car and you obviously have the right to do whatever you want with your money :flag:
  19. Not alot of people build V6 mustangs either, thats what draws me to doing it so much i know its gonna be alot more money to see the power levels that the 4.6L can reach with bolt ons but the stock 3.8 isnt that bad in comparsion to the stock 4.6 2v either. The 3.8's came stock with 193 hp and 220 lb-ft and the gt had 260 hp and 300 lb-ft in the 99-04 model the 4.6's arent the baddest motors around either
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  20. I have read that they respond to turbocharging really well. I dont see whats wrong with modifying a V6 stang, I mean we have people modifying 4cyl civics and those are not performance oriented cars at all...
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