Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. I have some of one i saw up at the library next to my house that i will be putting up soon. But in the meantime lets see all the others :nice:
  2. 15yj5gg.jpg








    sorry if the quality is bad, but i took them on my cell phone.
  3. Here are some of my car.





  4. nice car black2010
  5. I'll have to snap pics of the exact '10 I would order if that was in the cards, as it sits at a local dealer: Grabber Blue GT Premium, 19" wheels and 3.73 rearend, 5-speed of course. Looks gorgeous, almost as if the dealer could read my mind...
  6. I was driving around late saturday night and stopped by the dealer and there was actually one sitting there open. That car is really nice.
  7. We just got our first one in. I like all except the back....looks too much like a import from the back.
  8. The rearend of the red one look fugly with the black lower body trim. The Black on Black hides the lower body trim. I would want to get that painted to match the body color. That plastic lower body trim reminds me of the Chevy Avalanche
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  10. sticky this thread? :nice:
  11. A 2010 GT Vert my girlfriend and I test drove. MSRP was $38,XXX.


  12. pics of our new family member

    mothers day was one week late!! NOTE: my 67 coupe is in the background

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  13. My, new baby.....:

  14. I finally saw a grabber blue GT in person... god what an awful color. It's about as close as one can get to painter's blue tape.
  15. First, why would you link to some random crap site?

    Second, the OEM HID's are well worth the $600 and look so much better than the halogens. I just would've preferred the HID projectors be on the outside of the lens and not the inside. (Halogens have the beam on the outside and turn signals on the inside; The HIDs are opposite)
  16. Here is the best looking 2010 I've seen so far. It was at the 45th

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  17. I like the black stripe. Its too bad you cant get it with the upgraded interior
  18. Heres my new baby.