Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. Sorry if it sounds like i am picking on you. I love Red Candy. Would have been my first choice if not for the $395. I am already over budget at 38k. I guess i need to take some lessons on taking photos cuz your photo skill is way wayyyyyy better. Good job.
  2. Well, I'm fortunate to have a few friends who shoot cars professionally and have picked up on their tips and tricks from hanging out with them at shoots.

    There's no real single thing that makes or breaks a good shot. It's a lot of little things that have to add up and it seems that every different car calls for a slightly different approach regarding the lines of the car and angles to shoot at and where the ideal angle of light should hit certain lines or panels of the car, etc..

    Some cars have specific angles that they look good at and some that they don't. On top of that certain lenses can accentuate certain lines of a car that can give a unique and cool perspective to make the shot look unique.

    Ultimately though, the picture quality can only be as good as the raw file itself but an entry level SLR with a basic kit lens can easily capture a pro quality shot if the lighting is good and car has been properly prepped. Then again, I've seen shots from $200 point and shoot cameras that look better than amateur SLR shots of the same car.
  3. 2010 mustang gt

    my 2010 gt full bolt ons

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  4. 2011 GT- pick it up in 3 days!

    I bought a used Kona Blue 2011 GT coupe last week. It is the premium package, with the "Premiere" interior package- balck interior with the Grabber Blue seat accents, 6-speed manual. 331 gears and 18" alloys. Here is what the dealer is doing to it before I pick it up on Saturday:
    JLT Cold Air Intake
    JPC Long tube headers, off road x-pipe, over axle pipes and mufflers
    Cam- tune
    410 gears

    I am bringing along my new staggered bullitts mounted with 255 and 285 Sumitomos and will mount them on the car before I drive it the 3 hours home.

    Gonna be an amazing day

    Will post pics when I have them.
  5. Took delivery of my baby earlier this week :) Quick pic looking down from the deck of my apt -- more pics to come!

    2012 Mustang GT Premium - Lava Red Metallic - 6 spd manual - 401A - Brembos - HID/Security Pack - Comfort Pack - 3.73s - GT Coupe Pack 5

    Ordered 5/17/2011
    Born 6/6/2011
    Delivered 6/23/2011

  6. Man lava red looks gorgeous in the sun.
  7. I've never seen that color, live and in person, but I like it
  8. Same here; looks awesome in pics!
  9. Its definitely an eye catcher. On an overcast day it looks black with just a tiny hint of red. Just enough you can tell its not just Black. When the sun hits it, it brings out the deep red tint. Saw one at a dealership one day and feel in love with the color.
  10. as nice as it is, i'm not sure i agree with the decision to get rid of the Gray color in favor of this one...
  11. Incredible pics.
  12. The car is very nice. The pics, are alright. Underexposed, and could work on the composition and lighting. Not really incredible. :p

    The car itself though :nice:
  13. it just needs a little HDR TLC to cope with both highly exposed and highly underexposed areas in the same frame.
  14. Whatever. those pics ARE incredible.
  15. Here she is. Onixia.

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  16. 2011 mustang gt

    traded my 06 GT in a month ago and picked up this 2011 GT with brembos, premium pkg. manual 6 speed, 3.31.

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  17. thats not stock height is it?