Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. Nice!!

    You going to keep the wheels or get something different?
  2. nice ride, great color
  3. New Mustang meets old style !

    Here is the latest Mustang concept to roll out of Auto Kraft in Lincoln, Nebraska, (We are a custom/ restoration shop that have been involved with building custom Mustangs and other Fords since the late 80's). The Reversion Mustang is seen here at the SEMA show 2011 where it was a crowd stopper! Based on a brand new 2011, then very carfully cut apart and new vintage aftermarket sheetmetal from Dynacorn was painstakingly reworked to fit the substructure of the new Mustang. Once the desired look was achieved by cutting and moving different section of the panel around to make it flow with smoothly, then a lot of careful welding was done. All the new panels are finished off on both sides carefully welded to the body shell. The qrt extensions and headlamp buckets are simply made from scratch sheetmetal hand formed and tig welded and made to bolt on as if they were factory parts.
    This project belongs to and is the handy work of one of a 23 year old craftsman named "Johnny Sparks" a recent trainee and employee of our shop here in Lincoln. I helped John with the design aspect of the build and a little of the work but 90 percent is done by John. There is so much more to this build then meets the eye that it would take a complete book to explain it all! thanks to all the companies that jumped in to add support to the build, Dynatech headers, SCT flash tuner, JLT true cold air, Late Model Restoration supply, Bassani exhaust, APR Carbon, Speedway Motors help make this a stand out car But I hope some of you out there like it!

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  4. Not mine, but one of my customers cars. Love this one!!!


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  5. Best Audi/BMW 'stang I have seen!

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  6. 255301a6.jpg

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  7. Love the car, hate the LED strips.... Its an audi thing and everyone and their mother started doing that crap. Not my thing to copy other manufacturers.
    The stance and the wheels are friggin SEXY! Great job on that combo!

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  8. heres a couple cell phone pics I took tonight, just messing around with my Epic touch

    20111213_165121.jpg 20111213_165141.jpg

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  9. My Daughters Christmas Present...

    2012 V6 had dealership add hood scoop, louvers and pedestal spoiler!







  10. IMG_20111226_122503.jpg IMG_20111226_134143.jpg IMG_20111226_134204.jpg IMG_20111226_154231.jpg

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  11. Picked it up New Years Eve 2011.


    Added Eibach Pro Kit 2 Jan 2011


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  12. John weaver ........do you need another daughter?
  13. No, he needs another son!

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  16. nice car , i have the same color
  17. Love the candy red more each and every day.