Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. My baby:

    What I traded in:

    DSC_0234-1b (800x531).jpg
  2. My first mustang. 2012 GT premium, brembos, 373's, six speed and all the goodies :D a6fa0b7b-17bc-c3da.jpg a6fa0b7b-17cd-ca19.jpg

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  3. The cars are looking great. I really love mustang. Its a good Muscle car.

  4. Yeah, I get that... But remember this V6 has more ponies than most previous year GT's ;-)
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  5. how do u post pics 070.JPG
  6. i keep geting file is to large
  7. Just some pics I took the other night. It has tinted windows and black powdercoated axle back.




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  8. Here's my baby, she a basic V6 but she's all mine and has room for...tweaks :rock:

  9. lol duno if ur being sarcastic but thanks! :)
  10. Removed Super Snake Stripe
    1.5" Drop
    Borla Axle Back W/4.5" Tips
    Smoked Tail Lights and Side Markers
    Cal Special Lower Front Fascia W/FogLamps
    Saleen 4 Bar, Black Upper Grill
    GT Rear Deck Lid Trim Panel
    Godspeed 20" Black Machined Staggered Wheels
    Black Quarter Window Louvers
    Black 5.0 Emblems
  11. Anybody know why my photobucket pics are not uploading?
  12. Operator error :shrug:
  13. [​IMG]

  14. And this one...
    I know they're not "new" sice '13's are out but it's new to me :) MyGT6.png
  15. i just washed mine today