Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. Teaser pic for my '13 GT. Had enough time to get the hood stripes on before it was time to hit the gym. Will do the roof and the trunk tomorrow and the front and rear fascias on Thursday. These are 12" matte black LeMans stripes from American Muscle. I love how they came out. My only concern is that I see some marks from the provided squeege despite using a felt wrapper to cushion it. A friend of mine is dying to do a photoshoot when it's done so I'll save the awesomeness for later.

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  2. here is our Reversion Mustang a redesigned 2011 to reflect a little of the classic 68 69 ish style

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  3. 1.jpg 2.jpg Hello everyone new to the fourm I figure my first post should be here :)

    looking at everyone elses pics my quality seems to be lacking I will take more once i get my RS package on.
  4. 57896749502610718527754.jpg [/URL]

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  5. Are your wheels painted or Plasti-Dipped? If the latter, how many coats and how do you like it?
  6. They're RTR wheels they come painted. My RTR is an original with number plate 009 so it comes with the wheels but RTR sells the wheels at rtrmustang.com if you're interested.

    Wheels are fantastic by the way, they go absolutely fantastic with the 2013 colors and they look great from a rolling shot or just a parked stance.
  7. Ahh. Didn't see the center cap. They looked like the Brembo wheels at first glance.
  8. Auto Doug....that is one of the coolest things I've seen. At first glance, I actually thought it was a 68 fastbak. What a unique idea....nice work!
  9. Is this one car, or two different ones? Looks like the rear window on the blue one is stock from 2011, which I prefer over the red car. The craftsmanship of the red car is sweet, but the rear quarter window just bugs me even knowing that is the classic shape.
  10. My Christmas present: 2011 Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible with SVT performance package


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  11. I don't take many pictures of outside of my car, but here is a quick walk-around of the beast :)
  12. Picked this baby up in September. Really love her but here's how she's looking now because the awful weather and road conditions we have in the the northeast. Can't wait to get her out again. I got her mostly so I would stop putting so many miles on my fox (pic enclosed for the hell of it) IMG_4315.JPG IMG_5279.JPG IMG_3715.JPG
  13. just picked up my 2014 manual v6 premium

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  14. 401F371A-BF2D-48A7-8627-46D712CCA30E_16.jpg 401F371A-BF2D-48A7-8627-46D712CCA30E_16.jpg 401F371A-BF2D-48A7-8627-46D712CCA30E_15.jpg 401F371A-BF2D-48A7-8627-46D712CCA30E_16.jpg 401F371A-BF2D-48A7-8627-46D712CCA30E_15.jpg 401F371A-BF2D-48A7-8627-46D712CCA30E_8.jpg

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  15. Here are some updated pics of my car. Anyone else changed their look?



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  16. 95blue = Looking good
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