Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. Very very nice:nice:
  2. (before I tinted the windows with 'superblack' tint)

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  3. :scratch:

    Dallas AutoShow:




  4. God I wish this color was available on the new GT500! Best color IMO.
  5. kona blue

    I got a GT kona Blue
  6. That pic of the Kona Blue GT500 at the start of this thread is possibly one of the baddest cars I have ever seen. When I get tired of my wheels, I think I will buy some take-off 2010 GT500 wheels. (we call that color Kentucky Wildcat Blue where I am from - Go Cats!!)

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  7. 2010 Grabber Blue w/ Decklid Panel

    Two pics for everyone....

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  8. Hey where did you get the deck lid panel? Ain't Grabber Blue the hardest to photograph? I have on, and I just can't get a decent picture. I guess I'll try playing with the camera in manual mode. I have not seen a picture yet of a GB car that does justice to the color as seen in person.
  9. You know, it's pretty cool that Mustang is the only one who has kept the muscle car alive and going strong! Rock on you sexy thang!
  10. Some pics of my new baby

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  11. jsdeweyusmc What wheels and tires do you have I like your ride
  12. Done. :nice:
  13. My first Ford!


  14. its crazy that Ford cannot offer accessory package 1 on its new mustangs because the "deck lid panel is not available" and they "have no idea if/when it will become available from the supplier." Yet, here is a mustang with a decklid panel.

    While I understand it is probably aftermarket, I dont understand why Ford cant offer one yet and they have to cancel out all of accessory package 1 because of this.
  15. OEM decklid panel is available now!

    I manage a collision center in which I simply ordered the panel from my local Ford vendor. It took about 4 days to get.
  16. The decklid panel is available from Ford. I bought it from my local Ford vendor- took about 4 days to get. I paid $160 my cost- you have to remove the existing oversized "GT" emblem carefully from the decklid and then apply the panel which has the integrated
    slightly smaller GT emblem.
  17. She finally came in today !!! 4 months to the day after I ordered it...I just have this one pic, got it kinda late in the afternoon and it's dark now so I'll get some more tomorrow.


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  18. They are HRE'S with Nitto invo tires

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  19. Help w/posting pics?

    Hi All,

    I'm new here, but I'd thought I post a pic of my new baby, but I can't get the file to up-load...how is this done?

  20. What color is this? Is awesome!