Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. It's beautiful... My local Ford Dealership sent me some pictures of the GT500 they had delivered... HOLY CRAP!! It was love at first sight... RAAAAAWWWRRRRRR! OH man... **wishes to hit the lotto**
  2. Candy Apple RED?!? MEOW!!
  3. My New GT

    Picked her up 2 weeks ago...I hope the photo's come through. Put on 3" Magnaflow cat-back last week, awesome sound!



  4. can you post a video of the exhaust soon?:nice:
  5. The rears of these cars are starting to grow on me. It's hard in pictures but in person it all comes together rather nicely and is a pretty bad looking car. I hate having time off from work...I'm starting to get bored and my mind wonders...usually into car debt lol.
  6. Magnaflow Sound

    I’m a bit technically challenged, but I’ll try to post something in the next few days.
  7. haha i understand

    [ducks and runs]
  9. Here is my new GT Prem I got 4 days ago:

  10. Hey all, New here but thought i'd share my new ride. Picked it up last weekend, need some better pics.




  11. looks good, i am picking mine up from the dealership as soon as i get off work. Identical except in the coupe version and cashmere stripe.
  12. Here's my Grabber blue 2010 Mustang

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  13. My new ride

    Just bought my first ever Mustang after dreaming for years. These pics were taken before European modifications (white front "parking lights to be added, indicator flashers on the side of the car under the GT logo, tail lights modified so that we have orange flashers, fog lamp added to rear). I will upload new pics soon of the mods.

    Imported to the England and believed to be the first on the road - had to wait nearly 3 months from order to pick-up. 1 day after pick up its out of England on the road to Lithuania. Nice 4 day drive with the top down for nearly 3,000 km.

    VERY VERY Happy :):):):):):):):):)

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  14. Here are some better pics.


  15. Newer pics with light mods

    Here are some I took this week that show off the mods that needed to be done for Europe. Side indicators (below the GT badge), and from white side lights (under the bumper)

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  17. Your car would look mean as Heck with a black grill.


    Ya Fladriver, I totally agree. All I've found for after market grilles is the site below-but its in silver.

    2010 FORD MUSTANG GT, MAIN BILLET GRILLE, 3PC - Ford - Shop By Make - Grilles

    I haven't seen a black grille for the 2010 gt, have you or anyone else?
    The one I'm getting is a silver gt premium hard top-Def want a grille in black-then it will very SICK!
  18. I finally got some 2010 GT pics.

    Roush Body kit (wing, front fascia, lip and side splitters)
    GT500 Style rear lower fascia
    CDC Functional hood shaker
    Magnaflow Magnapack Exhaust
    20" Saleen Dark Horse wheels with KDW2 tires
    FRPP FR3 handling package - shocks/struts, springs (1" drop), swaybars, poly bushings, billet end links. (less strut tower brace)