Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. 2010 Mustang GT

    still need to tint the windows and black out the exhaust tips, calipers and rear badge
  2. My eibach suspended 2010 Kona blue GT, click photos to enlarge:







  3. Looks nice!
  4. 2010 Mustang GT w/ Track Pack



  5. Hotness at its finest! :nice:
  6. It is the best Mustang that Ford ever produced (this is my 16th Mustang). And it has a current $4,000 rebate (although they now call it a "retail bonus". :D ).

    JMHO. :shrug:
  7. Some nice cars. If the 011s are going to be what everyone is saying then that's what I'm going to go with. That is when I can get one used for under 20k:D.

  8. $4K how did you come up with that number?
  9. It was shown on my sales agreement. :shrug:

    I paid cash so I guess that I received a larger discount since I didn't need the 0% financing. :shrug: Afterall, I first found the car that I wanted on the internet. Then I drove over early last Sunday morning to see the car (when no salesman were there). The car was exactly what I wanted.

    That is true. New cars depreciate in value. It's a sure thing.

    If the rumors are true, there will be a long line at the Ford dealer. I remember when the first GT500 guys paid a lot over MSRP. Then the GT500KR guys paid $80K+ for the same car that is now the 2010 GT500.

    I'll be glad to sell this car at $18K as soon as I can get a Coyote 5.0L Mustang for under MSRP. That may be 3 years away.

    In the meantime, I will be driving this car very hard (you may just want to buy a garage-queen).

    Then, of course, the new 6th generation Mustang is supposed to come in 2014 (if you believe the rumors). All those (proposed) Coyote 2011 Mustangs will fall in value.

    I plan to buy all of them. :D
  10. Pics

    Hey guys, I purchased a 2010 Shelby GT500 last Tuesday and wanted to show it off. I couldn't get the pics to go through. Any suggestions?
    This car is absolutely awesome!!! Got a GREAT deal on this car too. Dealer gave me a $1000 discount plus very close to retail for my 07 GT/CS. Totally happy with the transaction.

  11. Couple of mine, need to get some better shots but anyways.

  12. Pic of 2010 GT500

    I finally got one picture to go.

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  13. nice gt500's my future garage queen will be a black/black satin striped gt500 or grabber blue/white striped gt500 HOPEFULLY!
  14. my kona blue gt, loweing soon! exhaust and cai is all for now.
  15. Have you installed the cai and exhaust yet? If so, how does it feel compared to stock...on the butt dyno and throttle response?
  16. Sorry Not a GT

    Here is Mine Day I bought it :


    And Two weeks Later :

  17. It has more snap for sure, with horrid 60 foot times it went 13.40 @ 107. That is also with a 91 octane tune. 4.10 gears and control arms getting installed in a week or two.(3.31 gears stock)

  18. 4.10s will make it all the more fun, I had them in my 05. Although I went from 3.55s so I can imagine the difference it will make for you. I also had a 93 octane tune along with motoblue control arms. Car hooked up pretty good once I got used to the gears.
  19. this car is beaauuutttiifffuuullll, definitely my new background on my computer, mustang at its finest! :nice: :nice: :nice:
  20. Well its been the worst week in weather and barely could get the car in the garage on the day it was picked up, but there was one decent day. Better pictures will definitely be coming.