Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  2. If I get a chance I sure will
  3. Thanks. I haven't seen any output pictures of the stock HID setup to help me decide if I want them or not. :nice:
  4. Finally got a chance to get the car out of the garage and try the new winter tires out. They are the Michelin X-Ice2 and are a night and day difference between the stock summer tires (obviously!). Before going out I decided to take some quick pictures before getting the car even dirtier.






    For V eight

  5. Thank you very much! :nice:
  6. Some great pics. What a nice looking car... :nice:
  7. That black with the snow could be fun picture play. :)
  8. Could be fun in the snow, but I think I'd stick to my STi for those snowy days. :D

    With the start of a new job, I'm excited to say that I will soon be in the market for a new 2011 GT. I've been a bit hell-bent on a 2010, but I wanna see a tad more info on the 2011 now.
  9. I know you said it was getting heavier, and it is...but it's really only gaining about 100 lbs give or take and that gets you 97 more hp, 67 lb ft of torque, a 6 spd, and brembo brakes. Not bad IMO and still a good 250lbs less than the Camaro.....I want to see 0 - 60 and 1/4 mile times and braking distance and track times. I'm sure it will impress if the underpowered 4.6 can impress.
  10. These domestic companies claim they want to "one-up" the foreign automakers, yet they're going in the wrong direction. Sure, 426 hp may sound good on paper, but when 426 hp is motivating 3900-4000 lbs, it's not all that impressive. Take an LS1 car that weighed about 3400-3500 lbs, and was seriously underrated at 305 hp. They were probably making more along the lines of 350-360 hp. These new Camaros aren't any faster. The power/weight ratio isn't much improved, and if it is improved, the serious lack of aerodynamics negates any type of advantage anyway.

    Look at the Nissan 370Z. Sure, IMO it's in a different class than the Mustang, but for some reason, they're considered "competitors." The 370Z LOST nearly 100 lbs, gained more power, and is aesthetically better than the 350Z in every way. The price increase was minimal. Lighter weight and more power make a better car.

    There is no reason that a mid-sized sporting machine should weigh 3600 (GT)-4000 lbs (Shelby) as an AWD family car like the Fusion (3800 lbs). There's just no excuse for it. The big, fat Taurus weighs 4300 lbs. It's a full-sized machine, and it only weighs 300 lbs more than a Shelby? I just find that extremely disturbing.

    In regards to gas mileage, all these companies claim they're trying to improve upon it. I question what types of engineers are working for these manufacturers. Anyone with a head on their shoulders knows that weight will be a large contributing factor to gas mileage. It's simple physics. Instead, weights continue to go up, then 4 cylinder engines are being stuffed under the hood. These 4 cylinders aren't any better than the V6s they're replacing in terms of gas mileage. The smaller engines are working harder to move these behemoths, which is counter-productive to any sort of fuel mileage gain that may be achieved by their smaller size and efficiency.

    IMO, the Mustang needs to shrink down in size, but keep its classic styling. The "big Mustangs" of the very early 70s (1971-1973) were a bit frowned upon, and the way things are going, these ones are also going to be.
  11. Very true, and impressive what Nissan did with the Z. My parents may be buying one in the next few months, and I'm not up to par with the car, but they're looking at a "sport" version that's 350HP? I saw it on the website when they were researching it. My mom wants it mainly because her dad always had a Z in his driveway...and their anniversary is coming up next month so she can get what she wants. It's down to that or a BMW.

    Oh, and FWIW, I know the Mustang is getting bigger, but a Camaro parked next to my car yesterday at work and when I went out to get in mine to leave my car actually looked pretty damn small, that car is a freaking behemoth. I think the Mustang will stay under 3700lbs for a manual coupe...and I also think they just need to throw a blower on top of that new 5.0 for the Shelby...it'd be a lighter motor altogether, and Lord knows that car needs to go on a serious diet and quick, and also get some tires that can hook up for a damn
  12. It wasn't long ago I drove a 370Z and fell in love with it, and it's an awesome car. I love everything about it, except for one thing; its overheating problem. Under spirited driving conditions, they overheat. Nissan is well aware of the fact, yet refuses to acknowledge the issue or tend to it. That's not the company I plan on doing business with.

    Mustang it is.
  13. I've heard that from multiple sources, but I don't know anyone who has one nor have I ever driven one. That's actually quite disappointing. It'd be fine for my parents, god help that car if they ever let me drive it... :(

    Now you have the advantage of waiting to see what's going to happen with the price and performance of next year's Mustang, and if you so wish you could probably pick up a 2010 deeply discounted once the 2011s start hitting lots.
  14. Yeah, it's very disappointing, because the 370Z is a really amazing car for the money. Here's a car that costs $33,000 and will hand a Porsche Cayman its a$$ for $20,000 cheaper.
  15. man, I love those new 2010s all around, even the rear end =]
  16. GT, in grabber blue ...

  17. Looks more like GT in Sepia. :D

    Anyways great artistic shot!
  18. Bored today and saw an interesting reflection