Let's see the pics of the new mustangs :)

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  1. nice!!!
  2. Hey petter here..
    You all added suprub photos..
    after watching your pictures,i decided to perches it..
    I will get it soon...
  3. For the three weeks i've had my car, I've bought: exhaust, tint, decklid trim panel, shift knob, shift and hand brake boots, strut tower brace, and a new mirror. Next month, quite a bit more. :nice:

    Pictures when it's all installed this week.
  4. i think the 2010's look weird with no spoiler, thats just me though
  5. Wierd? I hope not.....just ordered a 2011 GT with the spoiler delete option.

  6. Are your stripes vinyl? if so where did you get them. They look great.
  7. My new 2010 GT

    Hadn't had one since '98. Just bought this GT Premium with stone leather, 5-sp, etc. Added Flow Masters, Hurst shifter and Ford Racing shaker hood scoop. Darn camera battery died after two pictures :icon_confused:

    Next mod's are a Boss style stripe kit and FRRP springs.


  8. In all of this thread I have yet to see a 2010 GT in this color combo. That was my desire when I ordered it back in Bahrain last year. Hope you like it. I have gotten many compliments on it since I brought it out to San Diego earlier this month.


    By the way, the Ford cover fits like a glove. It is a little pricey but definitely worth it in my opinion.

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  9. I really didn't care for that color until I saw it in person. Very unique, and in a good way. :nice: Hmm, California Hwy 8?
  10. Yes I have been waiting to see one of those. a most wonderful color. :nice:
  11. I guess I will have to change my screen name from silver to gold! :D This is the one that prompted my screen name. Sadly it had an impromptu meeting with a telephone pole after I sold it.

  12. That is truly a sad story. :(
  13. IMG_1937.jpg
    Note to self...do not pay for hid upgrade. That cutoff leaves a lot to be desired. I could do a much better retro for 600 and keep the turn signals on the inside. They look much better there imo.
  14. Traded my 05' for this one last week.

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  15. Hotness. The Roush body kit is deffinitely the best on these. That will be my first big appearance mod.
  16. Nice pics everyone, I'm really liking the look of the 2010/2011 model, and even more excited about the 5.0.
    I saw at least one or two posters from Canada, can anyone with a Canadian car with HIDs take a picture with the car running and the DRLs (daytime running lights) on? I'm really curious what is being used for this as I don't think the HIDs can be run in a low power mode.
    Also I assume those are a bi-xenon setup, is this true, there is a low and high beam?

  17. WooW .. This is soo nice :D but we need more pics ;)