Lets talk about complete LED conversions.....

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  1. Woo hoo looking forward to that! :nice:
  2. It is always good to use LED lights wholesale instead of the normal lights that is being offered in the market.For which it has great attributes that is good for the environment and it saves a lot.

  3. can you update the link to the correct reverse lights? no workie :p
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  4. Damn....old thread, none of the pics work anymore. :(
  5. Dat why we like em uploaded to stangnet!
  6. Which led bulb is this?
  7. Old thread.

    But hell, I started going LED myself

    These are the OEM underdash sockets on the 87-89 cars

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  8. Are the post '89 cars wired for these sockets for retrofit? Wouldn't mind a little floor lighting on my '90.
  9. As far as I know, no. I think they were removed in 1990 when Ford changed the wiring harnesses.

    Pretty easy to tell. On the passenger side, look under the dash dead center of the glovebox. There's a socket for a 194 bulb pretty much dead center and in open view. On the driver's side, the socket is on the far left side under the dash. Can't miss them.
  10. Matching dome And hatch light now.

    Not that I do any night driving, but beats the old yellow bulbs


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  11. How about the dash lights? Converted mine to LED's a couple of summers back and made a world of difference.
  12. On the list. One of my turn signal bulbs burned out so I need to dig into it to change that out. What is the bulb type for the cluster?

    Didn't you have a thread? Or someone did right?
  13. I did a Google search and found a few threads on it. If memory serves, you need the 194 bulbs. These will cover all of your dash lights, as well as the ones in your HVAC control. The only one you don't replace is your low voltage bulb (the one with the picture of the battery) as it will stay lit all the time if you do. Super easy instal. Gets rid of the dark spots in the cluster and really brightens things up. Kind of modernizes the cluster.

    I used to get the high beam flash from oncoming motorists all of the time, because my high beam indicator light just seemed to blend itself into the cluster and I would forget about it all the time. Well....no more. It stares you right in the face saying "look at me" when the LED bulb is in there lol.

    Make sure you buy the bulbs with full coverage (including the top of the bulb) and not just the perimeter. The light difference is substantial.

    These are the style bulbs I went with...


    You can buy them with even more light filaments too, but I can't comment on how much brighter (if not too bright) they would be?

    They're polarity sensitive, so if you've got a bulb that doesn't light up when you plug it into the socket, turn it 180-degrees and try it again.
  14. Got 20 of the 194 LED. Spent some time changing things out.


    Did the plate lights, and under dash lighting too.

    Still have the cluster to do.

    Anyone know the size of the small bulbs in the headlight and hazard switches? Are there LEDs available for those?

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  15. I converted my dash illumination to LED a couple of years ago. It made a big difference, make the cluster as bright as the one in my 2010 F150. I will caution you about changing the signal indicator bulbs. They are nice and bright in the daytime, but are obnoxiously bright at night. Id just leave the incandescent bulbs in for those.

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  16. You don't drive at night?.......getting a little hard to see in the dark is it?........
  17. Yup. Not the spry 17 year old I was when I first bought this car.

    Actually, I've become sort of an LED junky. My entire home is LED, and my latest cars have had modern lighting. While I don't drive this car at night, doesn't mean I can't improve the lighting. The guage cluster is what I really need to focus on. The BBk white face gauges have never lit evenly and if LEDs cure that, I will do a cartwheel

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  18. Ok. Headlight and hazard switches. Any idea what bulbs those are?

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