Drivetrain Lets Talk about Trannys

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  1. need help deciding on a transmission for the coupe. One, because im having a custom cam cut and want to be able to provide as much info as possible, and two, because ive been back and forth 100 times trying to decide.

    I love manual transmissions, and dont know that ill be happy with anything else. But with that said ive never owned a manually shifted built auto before. I know they perform great and id potentially be leaving some ET on the table going manual (but at my power level that will be more of a driver mod issue).

    I already have a custom shaft to put a c4 behind my windsor and already have a C5 to build/ready for a built c4 if i come across one.
    But the other side of the coin will be finding a manual that fits the bill and doesnt break the bank.
    So far ive considered:
    t56-great trans, when you throw a few parts at them they'll hold up to whatever, but once you get into viper spec, aston martin input shaft, etc etc they lose their affordability.
    TKO- I know i could get one to handle my power, or at least i believe so. But ive always heard they shift like dump trucks, again never owned one.
    t5- pretty much would be a t5 case with aftermarket guts, not probable.

    what are my other options, for arguments sake consider it to be a 600/600 car, currently 4.10 gear, on 26/28" slicks
  2. Yeah don't do that.. I just blew up my g force t-5 with a little over 300rwhp.. 3rd gear blows just like a stocker
  3. I know a few tricks to help keep them together, deflection is what kills them. But it seems like a waste of money to me to end up chewing through expensive parts when one eventually lets go. And I just feel like it would "cheapen" my build to use one. Obviously no offense to any of you guys who've gone through Astro and can keep them together
    Call "Bangin" Bob Hanlon and have a chat. He's a heck of a nice guy and will steer ya right. He has a 8 second 5spd car. He won't sugar coat it and has been doing it like 25+ years.
  5. I've heard of hanlon, will have to get in touch with him. His website is terrible haha.
  6. He built mine, nice guy but he never tried to steer me away from the g force.. He is only about 45 minutes away from me
  7. But nothing shifts as nice as a good T-5. Hell, they are even light as hell. Two things that make me love T-5's despite their downfalls
  8. Which is true, I'm just looking for more strength than butter smooth shifting. My 88 had a brand spanking new T5 in it and I've never driven a car that shifted as well
  9. He built mine and sold me all the extras I needed. Tons of free advice, never pushed me into anything. Provided facts and options and lets you pick. He tore mine down while I waited and watched. Showed me the bad stuff, bought some new, some good used that he had, and it works flawlessly. He told me how to break it, and how to keep it alive longer.
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  10. Ill definitely be giving him a call here soon then. Ill never know enough to not be able to ask someone more knowledgable
  11. Same exact thing when I dropped my busted t-5 off.. He tore it apart in 15 minutes and explained everything..
  12. No offense to everybody shifting an auto but I couldn't/wouldn't drive my mustang without a manual unless it was a drag only car.
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  13. TKO's shift just fine, i've driven 03 cobras with the t56 and i couldn't really tell the difference in shift quality.
    I've had my tko for years, is it a t5? No, but it's like anything else a couple days with it and you get used to it.