Lets Talk Gear Ratio

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  1. All i have to say is WOW. I replaced the intake gasket and got an Edge Converter with the proper stall. 3000 instead of 2400 (Although i need to send it back for modification)

    I'm finally getting aftermarket "wider" wheels next year. Still rolling around on the pretty 16's.

    This car will roast threw 1st and still spin 2nd....I have stock 2.73 gears and 3.73's in the box. I almost feel like 3.73's might be too much. This lil 383 is quite a revving engine.

    So basically i rather have "some" traction when i put 285's out back in the spring. Would a 3.55 be more feasible?

  2. With the torque you're probably making.....3.55's, or even 3.27's might be a better choice, especially if you spend most of your time on street tires.
  3. Thats what i was thinking. All that power is nothing if i can't get it to the ground. I was also thinking about going to a closed race course. Not sure if i want to do the drag strip thing with this car.
  4. sounds like you need more meat back there. maybe you should get into drifting!

    it would be worth it to try out the 3.73s. with my 410, i had 3.27s with 3.73s on the shelf, and wished i had gone to the 3.73s. even though it could still break the tires away through the AOD pretty easily it definately bogged some on launch.

    sounds like that is not your problem, but since you have them, why not try them out?

    fwiw, i am going to go to 3.70s in the fairlane (it is a 9" rear) when the opportunity arrives.
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  5. I guess i'll toss the 3.73's in. Is there any LSD unit i could find reasonably priced from another Ford car? Anyone have an FX4 LSD's lying around? lol Maybe i'll wait till spring for a tru trac. But i don't plan on exceeding 500-600hp in this car. I have the 3.73's, 31 Spline Axle's and the plastic transmission gear. I just need a heavy duty 31 spline LSD and some bearings.
  6. Ive never driven any other H/C/I 351 based car. But this car feels way stronger at this point than my 306 with a Trickflow top end and 3.73's that i used to have. Funny thing is i'm still running these Pro Comp heads. (With upgraded Valve Train of course) lol
  7. side note, how was your dealings with Andre over @ Edge?? i had to send mine back because the race shop said it was too high of a stall, and Andre asked no questions and adjusted it free of charge... i rock his t-shirt every now and again that i got for free :)
  8. don't fear the gear. go 3.73s
  9. Andre was great. His online form should specify lockup or no. Since it was a street car he assumed i was going to go lockup. My manual valve body doesn't like that and will shut the engine off if i pass 3rd too slowly. Hes going to cut it open and remove the lockup. The 3000 stall feels right on the street though. It didn't feel loose like ive read on other forums. I think when the gears go in that converter will be right in the sweet spot. I already broke lose just normally driving a few times with the 2.73. New wider wheels will now be a functional upgrade.
  10. between my built AODE, Edge TC & 4.10s, the car is an absolute BLAST to drive, even more so now that it's actually running and idling the way it should be.

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  11. I don't think that the gear is what's feared... it's the complete lack of traction when producing 400+ ft/lbs of torque in a Fox over a street suspension system.
  12. Yeah car rides on rails. Personally i would prefer a broad power range. Wheel spin is wasted power that sacrifices top end. I was thinking of adding a supercharger/turbo or even a kenne bell at some point
  13. Try the 3.73's...grip it and rip it!
  14. I probably will toss the 3.73's in....The motor already revs so fast with 2.73's
  15. +1