Lets turn the tables and bash some GTers

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by LIZARDKING, Nov 7, 2005.

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  1. Ok, Im confused, someone help me out and clear this up.

    I refused to buy the GT because I couldnt find one for 1 cent under 33K. Im online, I shopped, I called, I visited dealerships. Every single 05 GT I found had at a minimum a 3k markup, some as high a 5k. The dealers would not budge 1 cent, I would not pay 1 cent over MSRP, so I bought a V6 for 20k.

    Now, this is where Im confused. It seems every GT owner claims they paid under MSRP, or at MSRP, or on x-y-z plan, or drove a hard bargan that dropped the dealer to his knees.

    So who paid those ridicules markup prices? Where are the guys who wanted a GT at any price and bowed to the dealer ripoffs? Who owes 30K + on a car with a KBB value of 22K? Are these people "missing", has anyone filed a missing persons report?

    I dont get it, someone enlighten me.
  2. I think it depends on where you live and when you were in the market. The bigger cities have a much better selection of GTs and a better chance of getting a deal. There's a dealership two hours away from me that has 65 GT coupes. My local dealership has 13. Back when I got my V6 there were none here. I could have waited and ordered a GT with the X-plan price but I wanted a Mustang NOW. Sometimes I wish I had waited.
  3. There are crap loads of Mustang owners that don't visit any forums. Maybe these folks paid over MSRP. Or, the SN users who paid too much for their GTs don't want to admit it. I have a bunch of buddies with Cobras that paid MSRP+ and won't talk about it.

    I think you are on to something. I can't remember reading one post from a GT owner admitting that they paid over MSRP. I don't blame you for refusing to pay over MSRP. The depreciation is bad enough but its total **** when compounded by paying over MSRP.
  4. In 97 I was shopping for a new Stang, my 88 GT was losing its appeal. The Dealer in Charleston SC had two 96 Cobras on the showroom floor. They still wanted MSRP+. I was prepared to spend 25-30k but they wouldnt deal. I bought a Sebring vert instead.
  5. Yep. I think some people forget that these are just cars and don't think about the long term. I bought my Cobra in Sept. 2003. Well past the frenzy. I still paid too much even with X-plan. The used market for stangs in my area sucks big time. I wouldn't pay MSRP and ANY new car.
  6. I'm in the DC metro area, where there are plenty of cars available...but when I got mine, and even now....the markup was putting the GT's well equiped at 31-33K. I had a 93 5.0 before and the V6 was plenty of power compared to what I was used to, and I was able to get all the upgrades I wanted for under 23K. The retro look of the car still has dealers strong arming people. I found a GT and 3 V6's at a local carmax, and while the price was better, it was still a bit high for a used car.

    The V6 is a great car, and turning out to be a real sleeper in the performance area. I think you will be happy with it in the long run.
  7. Ford is going to make a Mustang for everybody that wants one, and the resale will always be crap. If you want to be the first kid on your block to have something, you pay the big price.

    All the cars with excellent resale are the foreign makes that have a long supply and distribution chain that is not scaleable.
  8. Costco offers the coupe in WA. at $250 below MSRP, I assume that also goes for the GT's??
  9. The earnhardt dealerships here as of 2 months ago were still asking $7k over msrp for the GT. The 05 GT i was lookin at was $28,500 +7k + ttl.

    Needless to say, i walked away with an 03 cobra with a new motor in it for $29k out the door.
  10. I wish I could afford a new Mustang AND an 03 Cobra. :(
  11. Life in the Mustang World

    I hate to say it, but as long as there are Warranty riders out there, the induxtry will continue to charge these crazy prices. I just picked up a 03 Cobra with 6320 on the odometer for 25,660.00 OTD. I learned many yrs agoe, Better to get last yrs model with min. miles and this way you do not lose the depriciation value. E-Bay is an awesome source as well.......:rlaugh:
  12. I'm not sure what your question has to do with V6 technical talk.

    Around here dealers are asking up to $5K above sicker for GTs and sticker for V6s. In reality is they are now happy to sell GTs at sticker and V6s at a discount.

    All I can say is patience. For the last 4 months significantly fewer Mustangs have sold than have been built. That means supply and dealer inventory is building. Sooner or later all Ford dealers will have to sell GTs below MSRP.

    As others have already said, it would be foolish to pay above sticker for a Mustang. Sooner or later supply WILL exceed demand and prices will tank. Those who paid sticker or above sticker will be suffering a huge loss at trade in time.

  13. It has nothing to do with V6 tech, I just got tired of all the GT guys bashing us 05 V6 owners, and this is where most of us hang out.

    We are already seeing some GT owners suffering huge losses. Face it, a percentage of new car owners will trade sometime in teh first 18 months of ownership. Instead of losing 5-6K, the GT owners who want/need to trade are losing 10K or more.

    Not paying the dealer GT mark-up was one of the best car buying moves I ever made.
  14. Me too. And I got the car I WANTED!

  15. I live in the DC area, and most of the people in this area are not mustang enthusiasts. They just buy them cause they are the most expensive ones available. Explains whay I couldn't find one for under 33K.

  16. You are a lucky man!
  17. While I think some of the subject matter in this thread is constructive, I do not agree with the title of the thread. Why bash them, they are mustang owners as well.
  18. All in good fun. Look at the ass whipping we take from them. Read back a few pages.
  19. Im sorry but someone close this damn thread. I refuse to lower myself to this level. And I really dont care if some missguided mod told you to do it.
  20. I agree.
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