License plate holes in front, how to fix?

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  1. Is there some part that would plug those license plate holes in the front bumper without using a screw or something? Looking for something plastic that I could paint the same color and that would be removable if I get a "fix it" ticket (live in CA) by the police. I've seen little push in plastic gizmos that hold on plastic interior pieces but none the right size. How have other forum members fixed this? :)
  2. I put the screws in the holes and painted them with touch up paint to make them match the bumper. I know i've seen those interior fasteners big enough at homedepot or lowes, check it out and paint them with touch up.
  3. My car came with a front license plate on it.. even though I told them I did NOT want one put on there! (we don't have front plates here in Kansas)... They told me oh well... So I had to buy a new front bumper from new take off. That fixed it. :nice:
  4. I told my dealer that if he put a plate on the front he would pay to fix the holes. The result was no holes.
  5. I fix them in Photoshop lol
  6. Patch them up with bubble gum and stray paint. :D

    No but really...
    I just went to the truck stop and bought some fancy chrome bullet style license place screws and painted them to match with my touch-up paint.

    The dealer also put the front plate on the car after me telling them not to... and it wasn't even my plates! It was the stupid plastic sign that advertises the name of the dealer! F'n butt clowns!

    Looks good IMO... I can install the plate when needed and it's cheaper than doing the body work.

  7. I can honestly say that my dealer knows if they put any stupid ass front license plate, none the less ruining my front bumper to do so, or any of their dumb stickers on the trunk lid that they would lose a sale. I have walked out on a sale because of it and they learned their lesson. A day later they called me up with my new car and the previous agreed upon deal.
  8. I went to a local body shop to see about having them filled and painted.
    They advised against it, saying that if I got pulled a ticket for no front plate I'd have to redrill the holes.'
    They offered to paint some plastic tabs for me, said come back in a couple of hours and get them.
    When I showed up and asked how much, they said no charge, and also gave me a bottle of touch up paint.

    I met a guy at my optometrist who was admiring my Stang, saying he was getting one soon, and I offered to email him some sites where I had picked up some mods.
    After getting his Stang he asked what I did to plug the holes, and I told him the story, saying that I don't expect he would get them for nothing, but at least he knew they would paint them.
    He contacted me later and said when he showed up to get the finished plugs he pulled out his wallet and asked how much.
    They told him "no charge, but don't tell anyone, we can't have a bunch of Mustang owners showing up for free plugs".
  9. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if you can get to the back of the front bumper to put a nut on if I put a small carriage bolt,or something similiar, through the hole? (Without some major removal operation?) If so, that would allow me to put on a smaller dia cover.
  10. You have to take the bumper cover off to get access like that.

    Usually the plastic will hold the threads.
  11. My dealer knows better than to put anything on my car I don't want, front license plates, decals, etc. He used to rivet on his dealer emblems.
    Not on my car unless he wants to get me another or pay for the body work to fix it.
    That's incentive. Most people may not care, but dealers pay attention when someone won't accept a car for something like this.
  12. That stuff on the back by the dealer seems to be an East coast and or maybe mid West issue. I don't see to many dealerships putting stuff on the paint (decals or whatever) here in Calif.
  13. I've put thousands on at the 2 dealerships I worked at.
    One in Nebraska the other in Iowa.

    I hate 'em.
  14. I got these from and the color match was excellent and fit great. They are a little pricey, but no sanding, priming, painting clearcoating etc. Just push 'em in the holes. they fit tight and stay in.

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  15. Perfect, just what I was looking for - thanks. (I did paint some screws and put in but they don't look very good.)
  16. I just put a license plate on the front bumper; covered those holes right up! :D
  17. Found the perfect thing at Autozone. For $2.79 bought an assortment of little plastic-like plugs. Picked out two that just push in, sanded and painted the heads with my little bottle of touch up paint. Will push them in this evening, when the paint is fully dry on them. They have little fins that keep them from coming out.