35th Anniv License plate woes, now I'm bummed out

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by jonrjen, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. I knew it was coming and not much I could do about it, but my license plates arrived in the mail today. And Texas requires plates on both the front and back of the vehicle. I sure like the clean lines and looks of the white front bumper with the added mustang logo on it as it sits now. But, I guess the law is the law.
    I thought about going a head and screwing the plates through the front bumper skin. Then thought about drilling holes and use plastic push pins to hold it in place. But, I think I will do what I have in the past a few times and use some professional grade 3M double side automotive tape to hold it on the front bumper.
  2. Yike! I hate those front plates! WE don't have them in GA yet. When I bought my GT in 1999, the dealer had used those self tapping screws to apply a dealer tag...:nonono: I rode around with that for many years, until I had a minor accident and put a small hole in the cover. Insurance paid to have it replaced, now I have a smooth front bumper again.:)
    There are some options for mounts that let the tag "hover" on the front bumper...look into those.
  3. Back when I purchased a new Prowler rather than put screw holes in the front of the bumper I took a couple of 90 degree corner brackets and attached the brackets to the bottom of the bumper. Then the plate were attached to the other angle so no holes were visible. Of course that option won't work with the Mustang.
  4. Well, I did it, hated to do it, but did it. Drilled the holes and installed the front plate. Nice thing was that I found the original Ford supplied mounting screws still in the plastic bag located in the glove box. So it is still original OEM parts.
  5. AM sells a flip down plate, I live on the coast of Texas near Port Lavaca and I hate my front plate as well!