Life here on Stangnet back in 2003...

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  1. No. What makes it a classic?
  2. This was not a good thread to dredge up
  3. Yes it was, Pak.... threads like this one give us some fantastic memories! For instance, the day 2bav8 closed down this thread, cowgirl tink and I were busily cleaning out the "Royal Horse-Trailer" in preparation for a trip to Payson Arizona for her to perform a Visitation as an out-of-town Rodeo Queen. Took almost all day for us to clean crud out of the carpet in the tack room/dressing room.

    And it also jogged my memory; as I had been disagreeing with Dan as to when I first joined this madness. I was thinking it was only about 6 years ago; and he kept saying it was longer.
    I now bow to his superior memory (and the fact that he didn't let me pick up the bar tab) :worship:

    It also might help the present Moderators realize that we've all become much more civilzed in our advancing years; and that "Classic Talk" was created for this particular style of horseplay.
    That is, if only one of them bother to read this thread and don't come up with some reason to find it egregious in the extreme and start swinging the Ban Hammer. On the other hand, I've been kicked out of classier Forums than this (along with a few others), one just in the last few months. The "Official Actions" therein have spawned yet another Board relating to Classic Cougars; and a couple others have experienced a surge in membership. The lesson in this is that the original Forum's count of "Timely Threads" has gone down; as disgruntled members are occupying the bandwidth on the newer Forums.
    And the Internet moves on.
  4. But why are you thinking so about it??
  5. Ummm....StDr, that was Realmongo responding to the Cheap One, not Pak.....guess all that horseback riding has jarred your brain loose......
    To Dan.....Ahhhhhh those were the days!