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  1. OK so I'm putting around in my auto V6, (for 7 frikkin years now) lusting after a V8, right? Guess what my Mom and her new husband decide to buy from one of their friends? That's right, a '91 5.0... :Damnit: they are getting a 2-tone dark green and titanium GT hatchback. It's not enough that they already have a '97 GT convertible, bright red with tan interior, now they have to have a 5.0 as well! :mad: :mad: But at least they are getting a good deal; a '91 with 130,000 miles for $4400. You can bet I'll take that bad boy for a spin! Here's pictures...

    So, who wants to donate about $25 Grand so I can get out of debt, into a V8, and quit whining about it on Stangnet?? :p hey it's worth a shot.. Bill Gates may be on here under a made-up name..:rolleyes:
  2. I'm not a big fan of '87-'93 GT's, but that is one of the exceptions. Just something about the two-tone w/ titanium ground effects that I like. Dark Blue & titanium would be awesome.
  3. I drove their new 5.0 tonight, and I was surprised.. I had forgotten what it's like to drive a 5.0 since I sold mine in 1995. It had decent power, but it didn't seem all that much quicker than my car. I didn't really get on it because it was night and the roads are a little wet, and my mom was in the car with me, but it didn't pin me back in the seat like I expected. I'm going to have to talk them into bringing their 5.0 out to a track so we can line them up, because we don't do street racing. That would be wrong. :nono: And there is definitely a difference in how the 87-93 cars and the 94-98 cars feel and drive. I don't feel so bad now. I think it's cool that they have a 5.0, but I would not sell my '98 and go back to one of the older cars. So, at least it helped me get over my 5.0 envy.. I'll keep my car and continue to fix it up. :nice:
  4. 99+ V6es are getting more common in junkyards(that's were my '01 went:( ) Wouldn't be too much to do a split port upgrade and be there with them performance-wise.

    I've always heard that if you get an SN you won't go back to a Fox(for a driver anyways).
    Even after going to a '95 from an '01, I miss those '99+ calipers...that's about it though.:D
  5. idk i always thought the 5.0 was underpowered for that much displacement and dont forget the older the car is, its gonna lose some power too. dont get me wrong, i love the sound.. but if i had a 5.0 i wudnt be happy til i had some heads on it:D
  6. id stick with the v6 i hate 5.slows wayy underpowered for that size engine.
  7. Yah Ford could have done better.. seems like in the 80's and 90's it was company policy to give the engines about 2/3 the power they should have had all along, which is total :bs: . I'm keeping my V6 partly because of sentimental value; I have seven years, a whole pile of money, and a lot of effort tied up in that car. I've been in a wreck with it, several scrapes on poles that jump out in my way, and won seven trophys with it. On the practical side, it's paid for, and is has a nice, clean, tight body. Just like with a woman, that makes it more desirable. And just like a woman, I don't want some other one that's all loose and dirty and who knows how many before me have ridden... :eek: ok I'm gonna get myself booted here.. :D anyway I still have dreams of putting a Mach 1 crate V8 in it someday, so my car's not going anywhere. 5.0 nor not.
  8. Can you name a manufacturer back then that fits your expectations?:shrug:

    If the 5.0 had lived in the Mustang 'til 99+, it would've surely been a strong engine. Let's not forget that the 4.6es were slower when they came out and the V6es of those days were unpowered too.

    Yea, let's forget the idea of potential. Stick with the V6, it responds to mods better than a V8.:rolleyes:
  9. must be all stock with stock gears and everything....I went from a 95 3.8 o a 88 GT and there is a difference
  10. and daymmm that is a clean looking GT they bought.
  11. good god people. 302ci with a rateing of 225hp/300tq for the 87-92 and 205hp/275tq for the 93' cause the hypereutectic pistons.

    some reason people like the fox 5.0's
    1: Its what brought the mustang back after the the ugly 2nd gen mustang
    2: Cheap to mod
    3: Block is halfway decent and can hold around 500rwhp
    4: Meanest looking mustang ever i think!
    5: the only model with a V8 option in a LX cheaper insurance
  12. yeah must be LOL @ 2:73 gears

    3:73's will livin that car up a whole lot

    auto or stick?? AOD 5.0's suck balls
  13. forum full of crazed 6 guys seem like nice folk :) silly uninformed folk, but nice none the less. I'm really disapointed fells, I thought perhaps I had stumbled into a honda forum.....seriously.
  14. v6's are mustangs too.... i think ?:shrug:
  15. oooookay here we go again.. all we need is another inter-forum faming session.. Here's my attempt to straighten it out.
    1) My first Mustang was an '88 5.0, and it was (and still is) the most fun car I ever had.
    2) I want to keep my car because it is in great shape, and I can't wait until I can throw a V8 into it. Ask any of the V6 regulars; I never shut up about it.
    3) I know that a 3.8 is not nearly as responsive as a 5.0 would be. That wasn't my point.
    4) Regardless of the engine, after I got out of the 5.0 and back into my car, I had no regrets because my car is quieter, more modern, tighter, more solid, and rides nicer. It will have V8 power in due time, after I swap one in.

    The car my mom got is an automatic, and I didn't even get on it all the way cause I didn't want to freak her out. But I expected more oomph. My 5.0 which I sold in 1995 really pinned you back, which makes me think it was probably modified when I bought it used. It may have already had 3.73's and I never realized it.

    Just trying to cut off another V6 vs V8 flame session before the hissy fit slapfighting really picks up.
  16. NOPE NOT GOOD ENOUGH...we are going to have to race to the death. We will meet at the top of Jellyroll mountain tomorrow at three sharp (PM). Once at the peak we will decend the mountain at full throttle....first one to lift or break looses. If I'm late in arriving, you have my permission to start without me..I'll catch up I promise, just got alot of stuff I gotta get done you know cause the wife she gets mad...:(
  18. Ya know I've never been in here before...kinda nice and clean, not like our old fox forums. So like you guys got any food in here or anything? I donno maybe like a cookie or sumthin?

  19. I don't think it was anything you said.

    There is A LOT more room in here with only 1 new thread a week and all.
  20. well that needs to increase.

    we dont want ryan back in 5.0 talk when he's finished eating his bancake. you guys need something to keep his little mind entertained. :crazy: :D

    edit: i like ryan and all but yeah...