Life is truly NOT FAIR

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  1. For the love of god we need to let ryan back, or just ban him from the internet all together.

    He is systematically destroying four eyed pride.
    Check out page 3, it gets real annoying there when he gets on his pedestal.
  2. The V6 is good for a daily driver or for a cute chick thats a lil rebel imo. But few are taking seriously racing them, kind of like Honda drivers :D
  3. WHEN u swap at leat do use a favor and put a 5.0 or 99+ GT engine in it. 96-98 4.6's suck balls IMHO
  4. Haven't been in here before. You guys seem cool. :nice:
  5. HAHa this is so funny
  6. ah man hes typing his gums away over there too... God damn..

    edit: LOL he sold his car, and hes listing his dads car like its his lmfao.
  7. I'm planning on a Mach 1 crate engine, with shaker... white shelby-esque racing stripes, chrome wheels, bullitt red caliper brakes, cobra seats, painted engine compartment... all I need is the $$$$
  8. Good idea, you guys stick with the v6s. That leaves more 5.slows for us men. It's kinda like my opinion on gays. I'm perfectly fine with it, just leaves more chicks for the rest of us.
  9. .....and woman.

    (It's hard being the only woman on here with a manly taste in cars. :( )

  10. Yeah... i'm planning on buying a 2007 Ford GT and putting a twin turbo setup on it, a 200 shot of nitrous, chrome 24's, orange calipers, tubbing the rear, putting a big "R" sticker in the rear window.... all I need is the $$$$:bang:
  11. See my point was.... money is what makes the world go 'round. All the plans in the world would happen if everyone had the money. Plans are plans.... make em realistic... one thing at a time bud. Get your suspension right, start buying the little things you're gonna need in the mean time.
  12. lol yeah, i've started posting there a lot lately. i think hes a good kid though. i just find that if he starts talkin v6 talk, i just skip to the next reply, dont even bother reading it.
  13. (i posted this in the 5.0 forum as well)

    I would rather someone drive a v-6 stang than an import, or a stang with mullet power (read: tree fiddy chevy motor)

    Noone will ever completely agree on why they should like a certain type / model / year of car, but hell, at least we all like the mustang, regardless of whats under the hood.

    All in all, the 1 thing you have to remember: Your car might be fast, but someone out there is always faster. let that humble you, and youll start respecting all moderately fast cars.
  14. Wow.... what an enlightening view. Now I understand! :hail2: I will never judge a V6 owner again.

    Nahhh who am I kidding.... 5.0 RULES FTW!!!!!
  15. <--------- Is bringin' Sexy Back to the v6 forum :banana:

    What up guyz!!! I've never been here. Will someone please get DMAN a cookie or some cool ranch doritos :shrug:

    I just hate seeing him froth at the mouth and getting his helmet all nasty

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  17. HEY!! Get back in your cell! Don't make me get the hose.. :mad:
  18. Again, theres nothing wrong with having a V6 Stang as a DD and Saving the 5.0 for pleasure.
  19. It's hard being on the fence having both a 5.0 and V6. I feel like I have to defend BOTH. I'm so confooozled. :(
  20. I have a V-6 as a DD also but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it's in a Ranger P/U, which is about to be sold because I bought an Explorer.
    I do agree though @ least it's a Stang. Just dont fake emblem it up.