Life is truly NOT FAIR

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  1. It's easy.
    If someone talks crap about a V6, you kick them in the throat.
    If someone talks crap about a 5.0, you kick them in the throat.

    I'm not one to attack one engine or another if the car's a Mustang. That's why I found it amusing that V6 owners would call a 5.0 "underpowered.":nonono:
    That's like a Honda owner calling a V6 Mustang underpowered, or an old guy on a rascal scooter calling a Honda underpowered.

  2. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  3. hahaha ****!
  4. Sorry.
  5. Really?!? gosh, thanks mister! I was gonna try to put in a Mach 1 engine without updating the rear to 8.8, or taking out the V6 Flowmasters, or updating the brakes and suspension! But now that you talked down to me just cause I own a V6 and assume I know nothing, I won't make that mistake! THANKS!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    ....and some say I'm a smarta$$. That's :bs: I tell you!!
  6. guys (and girls) just remember.. loose lips sink ships

  7. You do realize that 225HP was a lot back in the 80's right?

    The corvette with it's giant 5.7L was only pushing 240-250HP some years.

    Those were the days that 100HP was a lot of power for a 4-cylinder import car.

    Last version of the 5.0L that was put into the Australian Ford Falcon was making about 350HP...N/A.
  8. do you hate your car because its still slower than the "underpowered" 5.slow?

    funniest, most ignorant comment even posted on stangnet.

    rewind back to 1986 when the 5.0 had 200hp (still enough to stomp your V6) and the predecessor to your 3.8 was a CFI 3.8 that made around 110hp...

    its all subjective my friend. most older cars are underpowered by todays standards. technology was not nearly as strong and the automakers had to build something that was feasible for everyone to drive and insure, using the resources they had.

    is the new Z06 underpowered because it has 7 liters but only 500hp? couldnt they have gotten another 200hp out of it for that magical 100hp/liter ratio?? :rolleyes:

  9. I try to ignore everything he writes, but a lot of it is just too ricockulous to ignore.
  10. All I was sayin' was that it's easier to start buying the little things so you know what you need and what you have. I wasn't talking down to you bud, trust me. Taking things one step at a time is how I did my first 2.3L to 5.0L swap. When it was all said and done it was done right, with the stuff I wanted and everything I needed. You'd be surprised what you need when it comes down to the nitty gritty... and those are the things that slow your project down... which I mean c'mon if you're doin' a swap like you want to then time just pisses you off.