Lift Kit?

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  1. I have a 2000 Mustang Covertible, with the stock 15 inch wheels/tires that came with it. I am wanting to get the 18" Chrome Bullet Wheels w/tires, does this require putting a lift kit on the car? or does it not really matter.
    Thanks for the help!
  2. lift kit? :scratch: most people on here want to lower their car. :p
  3. yea lol lower, whatever i was just wondering if putting 18" wheels and tires w/o changing the shox would work, but it looks like you can thanks!
  4. silly people, the bigger the wheel, the smaller the tire, and most of the time it will come out to be the same width. (as we all well know) unless u got low profile tires, which IMO dont look so good o mustangs atleast...
  5. usually the car looks goofier with 18" wheels and the stock suspension than with the 15" wheels, if you are going to 18's, you'd probably wanna do a 1.5" drop
  6. you can put 245/40 /18 or 275/35/18 on and the tire and well width well remain pretty much the same you wont ever be able to tell on the speedo. i just put on some 18x9 mach 1 's on my car and went with the 245/40/18 cuz they were cheaper i got some Hankook's for 99 each plus shipping they were the cheapest ones i could find but they seam to be better than a lot of one's that cost more i like them anyway i would check them out if you decide to go thu with it.
  7. 245s are way too small for a 9" rim. You get 245s STOCK on the 8" rims! Got any pictures? I think my 265s are too small!
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  12. yea it is one. in fact i got it of a repo truck. It go's great with the pa. All try to gets some pics of it some time.
  13. 245s on 9.5s is even more retarded!! I'm sure theyll fit, but theyll look tiny, and your rims will be asking to get screwed up / curb rash. 245s were stock on my 8"s. 275s are a perfect fit on my 9s, but you can run up to 295s. Why get wider wheels and not get wider tires.
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  16. Huh? Obviously I dont have any idea huh, "buddy". 245s ARE STOCK ON GT 8" RIMS. Furthermore 275/35/18s fit flush on 18x9s, and you can go up to 295s.

    What about this do you not understand? 245s are too small. Mount them and post your pics.

    My 275s on 18x9. You'd really want to take over an inch off the width of this tire?

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