lifter clatter

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  1. rebuilt in 08, with ranger roller and new hyd lifters. one lifter clatters randomly. 5-20w syn.oil greatly reduced it. as oil gets dirty, clatter . is it the lifter moving up and down in the head ,or just a collapsed lifter . i am interested in converting head over to run solid lifters on ranger roller cam . is this a worth while performance upgrade? i dont care about valve lash noise and i think this mod could add some pep? i will go turbo soon.
  2. I will start the troubleshooting with your oil filter, what brand are you using?
  3. motorcraft or wix
  4. Maybe you should try a heavier weight oil? The lifter could be bad, also the cam could be worn out, too. If you think it is an oiling problem, you could try some to use a cleaner, but you do that stuff at your own risk.
  5. the lifters were new, tried marvel oil, CD detergent, only thing that works is moble 1 syn 5-20w and only for about 2-3k mi. i didnt retorque my aluminum head and gasket is seaping coolant. I will be having head re done and mill the required .300 off the lifter boss to convert to solid lifters .
  6. Sent head to mach shop for fresh valve job, solid lifter conversion. some welding on water passage from electrolisis was needed. installed with cometic .040 thick gasket. valve lash set to .008 int, .010 ex. lots of clatter, much more than usual. no real performance pep. it sounds like it has .030 lash!
  7. Thats because Mobil1 is total crap. Get a real synthetic. Royal Purple 5w30, Redline 5W30, Amsoil 5w30, or Joe Gibbs HR4 would all be great choices.
  8. Crower cams said hyd cam w/ solids will be louder, ramps are different. after talking about my combo and smog ability, i went for it and ordered a street able solid roller cam. .475 278/282, 242/246 @.050 114 lc. I installed it and was able to check int open @ .050 on my crank deg [ 11 btdc]. lash .o1o/ .o12 . reset idle speed and has nice rumpity idle. it did run warmer so i had it dyno checked and he upped the fuel curve. they feel larger injectors may help as it still is lazy. now it pulls to 6000 no prob. soon inj swap
  11. drivability problems , and power fell off when hot. pulled head pipe to side of manifold and looked in and saw cat honeycomb plugged up. hammer and rod,, shop vac'd out cat and what a difference. plugged cats, both gutted. lean condition on dyno caused by cats. back to dyno and some leaning out got 98 whp. test 2: 21 lb. chev 350 injectors dropped right in, had to lean out a lot. after some timing tweaking netted best pull of 118 whp! it is presumed that this motor has a restrictive intake., thats why everybody says just turbo it.