Light Bar Question

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  1. My car has a light bar. When I hit the brakes, I get nothing. I have no idea if this was ever hooked up properly, and I would hate to take apart the backseat.. But I am wondering if the LED is even replaceable in these (assume maybe the LED is burned out)? I am assuming it is a classic design concept light bar. I think I should take the whole thing apart and re-paint..
  2. The wires run down one side of the light bar and then are wired into the rear brake light harness. Start in the trunk- look forthe wires to see if they are there, check the connectivity, and work your way back to the light bar. Removing the rear lower seat is 30 seconds- push in the bottom center and lift up.
  3. Outstanding, I will check it out. Do you know if the LED itself is replaceable if burnt out?

  4. Most likely if you can solder. I dont know if they were intended to be replaceable as the lifespan on an led is virtually forever. My guess is a short in the wiring
  5. I can solder no problem. I am wondering if it is just a reflector even. I will have to take a closer look.
  6. I believe they are molded into the light bar and not serviceable. Take a small 9v battery and hook up the wires to it and see if it lights up.
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  7. It works. This thread can be closed. Someone cut the wire in in the trunk so I gotta tie it back into the brake lights.
  8. Now to take it off and repaint it..
  9. Good thing we didnt close the thread...