Light in the Shifter?

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  1. is there one where it has the P,R, and so on?
  2. not sure what you're asking, but I think there's just one light which moves with the shifter (auto), not one light at each shift point. HTH.
  3. There's a little light in the green dot shifter bezel that actually attaches to the "stick" part of the shifter. Turns on to illuminate the gear your in on the bezel. Or atleast it should...mine only does it in P, R and 2 :shrug:
  4. do you remove the shifter to get to it. mine don't do anything maybe the blub
  5. I just went out to the garage for a look:

    the light is attached to the moving shifter bar, and it illuminates each stop through the whole range, P R N D 2 1. I think you have to take the shifter bezel off to get to it.
  6. thanks for the info it will be good to see the gears
  7. got bulbs working fine thanks