Lightening Maf Wiring

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 90GTFIVO, May 31, 2013.

  1. I'm thinking of swapping my Pro-M 75mm MAF (calibrated for 24# inj) for a 90mm LMAF. I'm installing 60# Siemens Deka injectors and will need to have the sensor calibrated. So I have 2 questions:

    1. What wiring modifications will I be getting into?

    2. Is it as easy to have Ford calibrate the MAF as it is with Pro-M (simply mailing it in to them)?

    Also, what other mods am I missing? Will this require an adapter plate?
  2. An adapter plate will be needed and as far as I am going to do is get the adapter plug to adapt the mustang maf plug to the lightning maf
  3. find a local tuner you trust hand have him redo the PCM to work with the MAF and injectors...
  4. Yes, good point. The plan is once my upgrades are complete (including the 255 Lph HP fuel pump), I'll take it to a tuner I've found locally.
  5. I hate to thread jack but my question is can I start the car with thelightning Maf and once its running I can trailer it to my tuner just wondering
  6. Not likely...
    If the air/fuel ratio isn't within range you're going to have problems getting it to start and keep running.

  7. What size injectors do you have installed Mike?
  8. 42s the maf and injectors are off the same truck

  9. Don't think it's going to work Mike. If you had a MAF calibrated for an A9L and 42s it would likely start but run like crap and pig rich. With the LMAF --and--42s... you're pretty much out of options. The A9x doesn't like the LMAF without a transfer curve and it doesn't like 42s without injector slopes.

    Plan on trailering to the tuner.
  10. Hmm OK then hah I just wanted to get it to start before I get it up there ya know? That way I'm not wasting his time or whatnot

  11. Well, you could always swap in a set of 19s just to start it and hear it idle. Don't even need a MAF. It'll idle in limp mode.
  12. Alright I think I'm gonna cut it and get a pro m maf and re sell the lmaf
  13. Really? Hmm didn't know that will an SCT tune be able to get it to work with a lmaf