Lighting Questions

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  1. So, i have been wanting to put UNDERGLOW lights on my 01 Bullitt.
    Would that be too ricer?:shrug:

    IF not, where would i find a good set form?

    There are a bunch of people selling those LED light strips for "UNDERGLOW EFFECTS" but is it all that bright? or just a scam?:poo:

    Or is the real Neon Underglow the way to go?
  2. are you appearing in the next Fast and Furious?
  3. no, not that i know of...
  4. The 1990's called...they want their cheesy mods back.
  5. Bust

    Thanks guys
  6. rough crowd. but we mean well :nice:
  7. I forbid it.
  8. Yes, that is VERY ricer

    ......and ghey
  9. looks like everybody's got this covered...
  10. Illegal in North Carolina.
  11. appreciate the input

    @madspeed i understand man, that's why i posted it

    Thank you
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  12. Should be everywhere. Class A misdemeanor
  13. looking though the vehicle codes for California, there is nothing about having lights underneath your vehicle...

    only thing i could find was that you can't have a flashing or continuously lit RED WARNING light (on top of your vehicle)
  14. Owners of bullitts, machs, cobras, etc have to maintain a certain level of standards or the regular mustang owners will devolve into savages op. Get with the program!
  15. im not gonna do it now.

    Was just stating that the laws here in California are weird.

    No worries man, wouldn't want to ruin the image of such a beaut. :burnout:
  16. Im from Cali, you can't do it :p. can't have any colors but white hid's, amber and stock halogen. Can't have lights under the car either or blue led license plate lights. My honda friends can elaborate the fines of having such lights. Actually in Cali we technically can't go from halogen to hid's in most states. It's just not I forced as much.
  17. I like under the dash lights.
  18. What is the vehicle code violation??

    I can't find anything in the LAW that says you can't...
  19. It's a moving violation I think. I'll have to ask to know for sure. I asked my buddy, he got a moving violation for undercarriage lights because he had them all around his car in blue. He said you might be able to do just the sides but not in blue or red. But he isn't sure any more, been a while since he tried to fight that ticket. Also Cali laws change every day. He was rockin green for a while but only around town.
  20. ok. I'll have to do a lil more research on it and see