Electrical Lighting up the stock grille on a '99 GT...PHOTOS PLEASE

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  1. I just installed HID Fog Light kit & Hi/Lo beam HID kit from DDM Tuning. Car looks great. I think all cars should come from the factory with HID LIGHTING, not only do they look great but they provide much better lighting.
    I now want to install an HID KIT for the back up lights & licence plate light as well.

    Here's what I'd like to pick your guys brain & PLEASE ATTACH PHOTOS of any lighting done with the grille from a '99-'04 Mustang. Ideally I'd love to install blue lights inside the grille but I think I'd be constanly getting pulled over by the cops. Then was thinking maybe yellow fog lights in the grille as a second choice.
    What do you guys think?
    Any photos please attach.
    As always thanks for your personal views & suggestions.

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  2. Can't believe I haven't gotten even one response.
    Somebody must have an opinion or better yet thinks like me & has done it.
    Any comments, suggestions & photos much appreciated.
  3. Come on people....u mean to tell me NOBODY has put foglights in front or behind a 1999-2004 MUSTANG GT or 6 banger????? WTF!!!!!
    I can't be the only one who's thought of this???
  4. You're probably not getting the responses you want because this "mod" is not really on the radar of most 'Stangers. Honestly, this:


    looks really bad. But that's just my opinion and as well all know, opinions are like assholes: Everyone has one...

    If you really want to do this be a pioneer and just do it yourself, write a DIY and post pics of the result. Maybe you can sway opinions...
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  5. I am with trinity_gt on this.....its bad.

    Question, how did you do the HIDs? Modify your lenses? Please don't tell me you just tossed them into the stock type halogen reflector lenses.
  6. Go to DDM tuning out of California.
    Get the 35w/ & 6000. Seems very nice and white & bright.
    9007 hi/lo so both the low and high beams will have HID.
    For the fogs get a 893 or 880.
    Order on the DDM Tuning website...they also have tech support if u have questions.
    I spent less than $100 & got a pro to install them. Every car show come standard with these lights. They look great & are much brighter & safer.
  7. I wasn't asking where to get them, I was asking if you did it right, or just threw them in. I have installed 3 of those kits and it required a lot of work to make them "safer"....even then, they are still illegal. They may seem safe to you because they are brighter, but park 25 feet from a wall and see where the light shines. In the stock housing, you will blind everone driving towards you unless you have modified it. HIDs were made for projection type housings not reflector type halogen housings.
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  8. +1. Proper projector housings designed for HIDs have well-defined cutoff to prevent glare affecting oncoming drivers:

    View attachment 128962

    versus a HID in a reflector housing:

    View attachment 182575
  9. That bottom picture is at what, 10 feet max. Imagine that at 25 feet.
  10. there isn't anything much worse than some yutz with slap-together HID headlights behind you on the freeway...
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  11. extra fog lights, euro tailights, cheap projectors, crappy HIDS..... things I hate.