Lightning owners...Insurance?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BlownStangGT, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. What do you guys and gals pay for insurance rates on your lightning? Whats your age and driving record and who are you through? Thanx alot.

  2. 33 yrs old, clean record for the past 5yrs (we wont talk about the all the previous yrs. :D )
    2003 Lightning $319 for 6 months
  3. I had an 02 L and I'm 20 with one ticket and mine was not Cobra is no better but the note isn't as huge as the L's was so I'm happier now :)
  4. 29, home owner, multi-car, hazard insurance, 100/300/100, $1K deduct, no tickets...$50 a month.
  5. 23, Male, clean record (thankfully knock on all wood surfaces), neon, L, and Cobra on account. Cobra is rape high, L was dropped to $76 a month when I added the cobra, both are 01 and the neon is 02 which is my fiancee. Will drop in price soon...marriage thing helps. Looking for a house as well so I guess that might drop it more. Age of 25 will drop it more so things should get pretty cheap soon I hope. I am looking to try and get the new one when it comes out.
  6. Oops...$50 a month for the Lightning and Z28...same everything on both.
  7. 35 yrs old/ 3XDUI ,4 Recless ops, 2 speeding tickets, and 1 failure to control. Lost license for 6 yrs. My insurance is 300 every 6 mos. full coverage w/ a 250 dollar deductable :rlaugh:
  8. What are your limits? State minimums?

    And why are you allowed to even drive with that type of record?
  9. IMO he should not be driving. 3 DWI, he should be in a cell.
  10. Never had a beer nor hard liquor and less than a glass of wine in my life. So I'm hardly pro drinking. But I think it depends on when this stuff happened. If he's been clean for 6 years now I don't have a problem with it. If he's still drinking, he's definately dangerous.
  11. hey guys, just swingin in from the 4.6 forum and wanted to know how yall registered you L. Do the insurance companies know it is a SVT or just a F150? I am debating on getting a 99 or 00 lightning instead of my current GT but I wasn't sure about insurance. Im seeing prices from 15k to 20k on some Ls but I was thinking maybe trading this summer or next christmas.

  12. I would imagine most insurance companies are like mine and go by VIN.

    But let's say your insurance company did not ask for it and they did insure your Lightning like a normal F-150...hate to be in an accident and them pull the carpet on you.
  13. Are there any plans for a newer stylew L to come out? Im assuming this would cause a small price drop, and I am aiming for around Christmas of 04. But I may change mind down the road, Ill have to look into my insurance.
  14. i have a 2000 saleen, 1994 supra na, and 2002 lightning soon to be added to my list after i pay my sister for it and i got quoted at $368.00 a month. only one ticket on my record and i'm only 19
  15. Might as well keep saving your $$$, don't count on a new L to be out by this December...

    Why? Because SVT has said there will not be any '05 SVT models. They are slated to release their new batch of SVT models for the '06 model year.

    Now, it's probably safe to say that SVT will release an '06 model Lightning, based on the response to their '04 concept Lightning at the '03 auto show here in Motown. I'm not sure when this new Lightning will be released, perhaps in the later months of 2005 or even during the first few months of 2006 :shrug: . Nothing is 100% "official" about the '06 Lightning production as of now so we'll all have to stay tuned to find out what the new Lightning will bring to the table...

    My .02
  16. Yeah nothing new for a bit so might as well get one now. I have seen high teens for the 99 and 00 models. If you can get a deal on an 01 might as well get that, few extra ponies to start with.

    My insurance knows both as SVTs, they go off the vin numbers so it pops up automatically.

    I could insure a Zo6 vette cheaper then my cobra :mad: