Lightning rear ate it today.

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  1. Well the here's story.
    I've had my 93 lightning for about 1.5 years now. The day I bought it, the jackass that took me to get it rearended me on the way home. About a month later the gears came apart. After that happened we got it all straight and then one of the clutches broke on the driver's. So apart it came again.

    Tonight I was driving it easy(of all things) and when I stopped I heard a "clack". When I ried to see if it would move it went" Clack, grrrrrrrrrr and Pow" and in that 4 feet I moved that axle slid out of the carrier and about 1.5 feet out the driver's side of the truck.

    So now I'll be putting the turbo mustang back on the road so I'll at least have some gas mileage back.
  2. Now you have a chevy, sitting around, like a rock. Ooooh like a rock!
  3. not still starts on the first try
  4. Don't break everything before I get there to at least see one of them run.
  5. I always thought that Chevy used false dont rust.
  6. sounds like you need to exorcise the demons from that rearend...
  7. I do need to get those demons to exorcise they are starting to get a little flabby. :rlaugh:

    Kiddiccarus:You under estimate the numbre of cars I have. There's also something else to run. by the time you get here I might be able to run you in the MG.
  8. Lets race, My MG vs Yours... i get a 1/8 mile head start. :rolleyes:

  9. Maybe Stinger left you some of his current luck last time he was there - or maybe you gave it to him? Or maybe I'm setting myself up just by suggesting it and both cars are gonna break now?
  10. We both had the problems before we met each other...

    You're doomed now though :D
  11. Luck Let me talk about Luck. My car got hit by lightning, cracked the battery, fused the alternator and the starter. I am still mad about buying the parts to fix it just to get it on the road and depleating the T5 fund.
  12. Definately, It was funny I tried to show him how the car acted but I didn't have tags on the car. It probably seemed fairly quick when I lit the tires up rolling in 3rd gear(on rocks)

    140-I'm thinking about taking a little road trip in july. I'd like to head your way and drop off a little luck for you and cro. This will slowly spread throughout the turbo ford nation. All will fall. :p
  13. Kiddiccarus, when are you comming out here? We should all get together and make another trip to the strip. :nice:

    We have way too much fun over at sumerduck. :D
  14. I will be in VB on the 3rd in the WEEEEE hours of the am. 351 said that he is going to swing something the 8th Thursday night at a track, I will be there to meet up with him that day and go to the track that night then afterwards head back to VB to meet littlespic fromTF for a day of go karting and a BBQ.

    The more the merrier I say so pack the bags and lets head to the track I can pit crew for anyone.
  15. Can you work miracles?

    Thats a lie take it back.
  16. Yes I can I can take any working vehicle and make it worthless in about three seconds
  17. it takes you 3 seconds?
    you have much to learn grasshoppa'
  18. Thursday the 8th...hopefully I'll have a 2.3T car to run by then. I'll deffinately be there though.
  19. again step into my office. :D
    88 TC 5spd w/ 3.73. I'm sure it will go quicker than what the coupe did tonight.
  20. Good I was informed by my 7 year old that he did not want to have a Mustang :jaw: when he got older. He wants a TC so he can have his own look. I thought I taught him better. :shrug: