Lightning rear ate it today.

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  1. ya rais'd 'at boy righhhht
  2. I'm really starting to consider that thing now. How much were you askin again? I'm just looking for a car to tinker with and take to the track.
  3. well there was one just like it at carlise for $12,000, but it was modified. Mine is still original so its got to be worth more.

    actually $1500. All it really needs to be fun is a gillis valve.
  4. Hey, try to save her for me. I'd like to come out and see it sometime. We'll see what kind of money I'll have after I get these mustangs out from behind the garage. :nice:
  5. Well I have been seriously considering one for a while now and it will be good to have another car to drive while I do the swap.
  6. I'm sure it will be here I'll hold on to it a little while.
  7. Your Sig SUCKS now BTW
  8. It all keeps appearing and disappearing
  9. well I don't attach it to everything. Just when I see the oppotunity to sell a car.
  10. LOL HMMM I think I willuse that philosophy in selling my 2 transmissions.
  11. What kind of transmissions?
  12. C3 1986 Merkur auto's
  13. Boo!
    Good luck sellin those. :p
  14. Don't feel bad, you aren't the only one to blow a lightning rear. i blew my '95 lightning rear end when i was showing off (of course) on new years eve '00, cost me $1,200 in parts alone........
  15. yeah it might cost that much the driver's side axle is bent, the C-clip got caught in the ring and pinion and pieces of them seemed to have gotten caught in the spider gears. Its all toast now.
  16. On mine, the axels and housing were fine, everything else disintegrated.

    but, it was a hellava ride!! Damn, I miss that truck.
  17. That sucks about the Lightning Matt...what a shame.

    So you'll just put amanda's coupe back on the road and drive that?
  18. yeah hopefully I can switch it over monday. However, To do that I'll have to take the tags back off the SVO. :nonono:
  19. Tell me about it these transmissions are like the PEZ dispensors of the Ford world. Only difference is I like PEZ.