Lightning rear ate it today.

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  1. Do you have the rest of the merks laying around?
  2. :nonono: Here is the thing, a guy I know is destroying 2 Merk's and a 80 Cobra. I got the tranny's, the PK-1 computers, one of the motors, a rebuilt block, and soon the wire harness from the Merkur's so far. He is going to put a 351 in the Mer and turn it to a drag car, then part the other one for it.

    Now He took the Cobra and tore out the engine and replaced it with a 351, her pplans to take off the 8.8 rear ind suspension and replace it with a 9 in. I am going to take the 4 lug wheels off of it. But I wish I could have saved this car from him. Im ashamed. :nonono:
  3. I can come across a merk almost every week. I haven't ever come across an 80 cobra that was cheap or in a condition to rip apart. I'm putting pennies away so I can go get my 79 turbo pace car.
    I have gotten 8.8's off of people who switched to a 9" and ran slower than I've taken a 7.5 rear. :rlaugh:
    What wheels are those? Are they the TRXs? Keep your eyes open I need them for the pacecar.
  4. They are American Racing wheels black and chrome, 150 for the set. This cobra was not mint or cherry but for $500 this was a steal. I only wish he had the sense to keep it together. Anyone know how much an 80 rear idependent suspension cost? I am thinking of puting it on my 93 for the daily driver.
  5. independant rear suspension??
    I've never heard of that of any of those year mustangs. I didn't even think they came with 8.8s until 87.
    Yeah $500 is cheap and is enough that someone could cut it up. My turbo pace car $650 running w/ a rod knock, but its otherwise complete. I can assure you it won't be cut up or even modified. I'll be broke enough after buying the decal kit.
  6. I had always thought the IRS made it's debut in the '99 Cobra.
    8.8's came in '86 with 2.73 and 3.08 gears I believe...automatics had 3.27's.

    That pace car sounds cool. When do you plan on getting it?
  7. We have an independant 8.8 based rear under the cougar thats geared 2.73 talk about a rocket off the line. :p

    I'm not sure maybe when I sell you the TC. :nice: Actually I was delayed due to the little lightning situation.
  8. And I can buy the TC as soon as I sell my mustangs. :nice: I dunno, the guy said he was comming over today to get the cars, but he never showed. The guy lives about a half mile away, maybe I'll just drop the cars off in his drive way. :D
  9. dancing banana!!!!

  10. Now, I have not seen the under of this car yet myself, So I cannot confirm that is is an IRS. It sounded fishy to me also when he said something about it. I really dont know if he knows much about what he is doing. I am still bothered about him ripping the cobra apart and not fixinf it to begin with. But It isnt my car right and if he sits there with three boke cars and mine runs good OH WELL.
  11. thats when you outrun him with your 93.
  12. LOL no matter what he has I can place money that my N/A will be faster. he thinks he will be able to run with a 911 turbo. I keep laughing
  13. now I'm not knocking the 911 turbo.....but...... if he's talking about straight line power.......even if he can roast one, sorry still not impressed.
  14. lol, what transmission did you put in that TC though? World Class T5? How's the clutch?
  15. The trans was out of my other 88 TC not sure if it was the original trans or not. but I don't see it breaking anytime. The clutch is brand new, less than 20 miles (same exact one as whats in amandas car.)
  16. New clutch too? Damn, I'm starting to like this car more and more. :nice:

    edit: hows the paint / body?
  17. send me your email and I'll send a few pics. Tried to post them here but 78kb is the largest I can post and they are 80.1 and I'm lazy.

    its in good shape. The body is great but the clear coat has come off of the roof a little.
  18. my email is :nice:
  19. I'm sendin a family photo and a few singles. Some are pretty big so it may take a little time
  20. This guy will not be able to beat anything on a good day. He is the Typical "Ricer". I was on the road, and he in his contour, came up nex to me, rolled down his window, and kept looking at me, then the road, then me, then the road and on and on like that. I got tired of it and floored the Grand Am and toasted him. When I got out of it he came up and did the exact same thing and I was so annoyed, I tell you if I was not going with him to get some of my parts I would have bailed right there. This guy should not have a liscence.