Lightning rear ate it today.

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  1. thats funny........

    Hey I finally finished crying and went to pull the rear cover today......WOW thats a new record I've never seen anything quite like. I slide under the truck and right away I noticed the paint knocked off the cover really bad in 2 places. heh... appearently stuff on the inside was trying to get to the outside.NOT cool. I pulled the cover and as usual stuff fell out. Spiders, locker pin, The spring came out in 2 pieces(never seen that before) and I had a whole bunch of chuncks of metal that I hadn't seen come out before.
    I opened my eyes and looked up a little higher to find.....THE ENTIRE DIFFERENTIAL BROKE IN HALF. the axle was still attached correctly on the passenger side. The gears, spiders, and clutchs all looked ok. I'll have to look more and pull more apart it may be cheaper than I think to fix.

    I can only imagine what it would have been like if I were running it.
  2. Ouch, I hate it when thing fall out on me like that. Hope it at least cut your estimate in half of what you thought it would cost.
  3. axle is still bent and I can see that without turning it.
    But it could have been a lot worse.