Fox Likely The Last-ever Trip To Bondurant's Track In My Own Car

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  1. The old Firebird Raceway outside Phoenix is now Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, which will be undergoing renovations soon to bring the NHRA back to the drag strip. When they do, the old "Main" road course will go away completely. That's half of the "Mondo" configuration that ties Main and Bondurant's track together. I got to run it one last time last Sunday, which was a hoot. And between old NT01's and experimenting with more rear brake bias, plus my penchant for trail-braking, the ****in' car was LOOSE. Here's some quick cuts and then a full lap behind a C5 corvette plus parts of a few more behind a Porsche and an STi.

    Edit: Nevermind the bendy A-pillars, that's what Youtube's shaky-video fix did to it

  2. Love your car. Do you dd it?
  3. I can, it has full interior and frosty A/C, but with my G8 GT parked next to it in the garage, I don't DD the mustang much anymore :D Up until a year or so ago I used to put 8-10k a year on it while putting 700-1000 track miles on it at the same time.
  4. What looks of speed were you hitting on the straights? It looked like you were about to catch that Porsche for a second.
  5. nice wheel skills bro!!! Can we get a list of all that MM goodie suspension work?!
  6. I wasn't watching the speedo but I'm guessing 105 give or take a few on the main straight. It's right at that point where if I was going to stay in it, I'd upshift to 5th.

    Full list of suspension mods is:

    MM K-member, coilovers and A-arms in the upper mounting location, c/c plates with about 7 degrees of caster (IIRC) and 2.5 degrees neg camber for the track
    Koni Yellow Double-Adjustable struts with 425-lb springs
    03-04 steering rack with Fox tie rod ends, MM bumpsteer kit and steering shaft
    MM strut tower brace and standard-length subframe connectors
    Stock V8/GT swaybar with energy suspension bushings and endlinks
    '96 spindles with Redline grease in Koyo/Timken hubs
    Baer/PBR/Cobra brakes with DIY cooling ducts in a Ranger airdam

    MM standard-duty torque arm, panhard bar, and adjustable-height LCA's with conventionally-located 390-430lb springs
    Stock rear swaybar slightly relocated to clear the GT500 diff cover
    Koni Yellow single-adjustable shocks
    Baer "touring" 12-inch corvette-style rotors with PBR corvette calipers

    17x8 wheels with 255/40-17 tires all around

    Looking back on it, without my records in front of me, the oldest parts on it are either the subframe connectors or the Koni's. Probably did them back in '98 or '99. 5-lug upgrade and big brakes was about '02, K-member and TA/PHB was '08. Been through a variety of other bits and pieces during and since, but that's how it sits now. Latest upgrade was the steering rack earlier this year.
  7. I'm always jealous of your awesome track videos. I've always had dreams of tracking my car, but it's never happened.
  8. Very cool.