Lime green metallic

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  1. Anyone know what the lime green metallic paint for the 05 mustang will look like?

    Ive seen several different versions with the name "lime green metallic". Some are brownish greens and some are kawasaki green.
  2. Go to Brad's site,

    Scroll down, you can see a full list of '05 colors. Then scroll down again, and you can see some of the colors that will be on the '05 stang.

    Lime green, can you say 1967 Shelby GT350 w/ white stripes and Shelby emblems and Paxton supercharger!!!!
  3. hehe we have a '67 vert that used to be lime gold metallic...very 60's cool, but it doesn't show up very well on photos or even in person if you're standing more than 20 ft away
  4. I am assuming that it is this color (courtesy of Brad). Very retro. That's the color my wife likes best.
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  5. You are correct sir. Funny, my wife said the same thing. She knows I am trying to determine what color to go w/ and she said get this one. I like the red one on HotRod, I like the silver one at the show, I like Torch Red and Sonic Blue of the current stangs, '99-04. But this one brings me back to fond memories. I look at this color on a GT and keep thinking "SHELBY GT350, SHELBY GT350, SHELBY..."
  6. Personally I can't stand that color. It looks like snot green. :notnice:
  7. I'm not so sure I am satisfied with that color selection. None of them really appeal to me on a large scale. I'm not a huge fan of sonic blue and the windveil blue is kinda girly if you ask me. I can't picture myself buying a white or yellow car. Not keen on mineral grey and the lime color is way out of the question. I am kind of iffy on the reds. Black seems to be about the only sure shot for me. :(
  8. I think that lime green metallic looks too bland. It doesn't give much life to the car. I would choose Torch Red or Performance Red over Lime Green Metallic. That's only my opinion though.
  9. I'm hoping for another yellow to go with my current one...but that blue looks killer, as does the silver/white strip combo.
  10. I'm kind of disappointed they didn't offer Highland Green from the factory. Maybe we will get lucky and they'll offer it for 06. If not I think I might have a date with the paint booth sooner than later.
  11. i love the comp. orange they put out for 04 are they going to offer that again i think it would look awesome?

  12. What has been reported so far (on Brad's Site), which may not be the final color selections when the order codes come out this spring, Performance Red is not going to be available. I wish it was because that is what I have now on my GT. But color selection is personal preference. Some like this color, some do not. I was not too hot about it at first, but when I look back to all the great Shelby GT350's that color really stands out in my mind. But to each his own. But I have a feeling this color will be offered if/when the Shelby mustang is offered. I would bet $$$ on it.
  13. Legend Green is girly to me...

    I see myself in either Redfire, Screaming Yellow or Sonic Blue ;)
  14. I agree. I think Highland Green is the best color for Mustangs, and one that will always be associated with the car. Otherwise I like the grey and silver. But non-factory paint jobs will really hurt you if/when you go to sell the car. And doing a proper color change is very involved and quite costly--to do it right you'd probably be looking at $5k+.
  15. I plan on seeing this thing being passed of to my kids at the very least so that won't bother me any. Once this thing is will stay mine.
  16. I'm thinking the same thing. :nice: But, my Satellite is still wearing 90% of it's original factory paint job, which is kind of cool after 38 years--IF I do a repaint, it will be the correct original factory color. I wonder if these modern Ford paint jobs could last that long?
  17. lol wouldn't bet on it. My moms 93 Crown Vic is so spotted and faded it's ridiculous. Runs like a dream but it looks like a rattle trap on the outside. I've been trying to get her to paint it at least but she says there's no need.
  18. I totally agree. I think competition orange would look flat out awesome on the 05 stang, but I don't think it'll be offered. At least it didn't say anything about it being offered on Brad's site.

    Bring back competition orange. :mad: