35th Anniv limited edition?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 99 gt conv, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I have a 1999 35th Anniversary edition GT Convertible Mustang. How do I know if it is a Limited Edition or standard? I tried to sell it, and was offered way less than the NADA book quotes for a limited edition.
    If anyone can tell me how I know what model of 35th Annv I have, I would appreciate it!
  2. 35th?

    There are many things that set the 35th anniv apart from the regular 99. If u use this board and set time frame to begining instead of 2 weeks or a month or whatever there are posts that describe what the differences are. To be absolutely sure and for some fun info U can go to www.mustang35th.com, register your vin and they will email u back whether or not yours is and also the build # of your car. (its free) Happy Hunting
  3. There's lots of things that were on the 35th anniversary edition, like the honeycomb trim panel. I put one on my car even though it's an 03 b/c it looks nice:

  4. if you have the two-tone silver and gray leather interior, silver door inserts, silver dash bezel, rear honeycomb applique' and the other features listed on the "Facts" page on www.mustang35th.com then you have a true "Limited" otherwise you have a standard GT.