Limits of twEECer

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by loud 95, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. I will soon be building a low compression, Dart blocked 347 for my '95 GT. I am also planning to run a twin turbo kit on this engine. Has anyone tuned a similar combo with a twEECer or twEECer R/T? Is it possible to attain good driveability with an extreme combo like this? At this time, I would like to avoid popping for an AEM EMS or similar stand alone system.
  2. I would not think it would be too bad....

    Now if your going to rev the thing to 8k+ and whatnot the factory tables realy wont give you much tuneability at those high rpm's, it should be ok though.

    If your going with such a high $$$ setup IMHO I wouldnt expect a factory type "piggyback" setup to be the absolute best route.

    with a good TT347 you have some realy high hp numbers that are possible...say 750-1000 or so...I would REALY be thinking about a F.A.S.T. setup or something at that point to get the most out of your combos parts and money spent.
  3. The base Tweecer is next to worthless IMHO simply because you give up the most valuable asset the Tweecer has to offer ...... Data Logging.

    Even the more so with what kind of plans you tell us about.

    Several forced combos like you talk about on the Tweecer site. They seem to be able to tune for good drivability if you ask me.

    I think you could make it happen but check for yourself.

  4. I am new to this site so sorry i didn't get to put my .02 in earlier. I talked to the guy at induction concepts sick sick tt people. I want to build a tt car but have to finish this project first I hate priorities lol. He said as far as drivebility is concerned whose got a better setup than ford? Also eec 5 if that is what your running can support 112.5 pound injectors that is a lot of gas mang. There are also impedence crossovers to run bigger injectors yet. Everything that I have heard is that FAST is basically wide open not to much driveability in it. Hope this helps