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  1. I have had my car n the shop off and on for 4 mos. Spend well over 1500 (mostly in labor) trying to fix the problem.
    When I accelerate around 30-35,my car "sputters" jumps around,like its going to die. I have had everything to do with the EGR valve replaced every sensor replaced.
    error code shows its still in the egr valve.

    when i take it to the shop they some how get it to where the engine light is off until i leave the lot with it! They say my car is running in LIMP MODE? deffinatly feels that way,if i step into it its fine,but just goin around town it sucks big time!

    My son replaced the upper intake gakets for me BEFORE i started having this issue, he broke off 2 bolts in the intake,i was told that it is not sucking air.

    Personally i think that needs to be fixed the last time i had it in the shop i told them to re-do the gaskets my son had replaced and fix the bolts he broke off well 250 bucks later they didnt do what i asked :mad: instead they replaced another sensor(being the last sensor that needed replaced having to do w the egr)

    and they told me that it had to be my cats blocked up,and that i needed to get an aftermarket exhaust. so......
    I took the car to a local muffler shop to see what they thought and they said get a new mechanic!(I will) but now i dont know who to believe or if i want to put any more $ in the car!
    the muffler shop says the cats are not blocked.....and i feel like the mechanic just didnt know what was wrong with it!

    any ideas??? Just wondering if anyone else has had this type of problem.......Im not sure what to do, i have 110K well cared for miles on my automatic 3.8v6
  2. OHHH BOY this is a disaster..

    First thing you need to do is find a new mechanic.. If you lived in massachusetts I would suggest bringing it to me but you don't and I don't know anybody in your state that could help you.

    Second thing you need to do is fix those broken bolts..

    the 3.8 mustang does not have a limp mode, there is failure effects mangement that the pcm will do for certian failure but no self protecting limp mode on this car.

    I can try to help you but i need a lot more details such as..

    1. the model year of your mustang
    2. How does the car idle
    3. if you accelerate normal from a light does it run smooth to the 30-35 MPH point where it spudders

    4. if you floor it does it accelerate normal up untill 4500 rpm's oer untill the trans shifts

    5. does it sputter worse going up hills

    6. the exact codes pulled from the PCM, code numbers not a decription from a autozone counter person.

    I might be able to help with that info but without seeing the car and without live data it's hard
  3. Your engine would have to be making some serious fog to clog up the cats. If your mechanical is suggesting getting an aftermarket exhaust tp fix the prob...then i'd do what the exhaust guy said and find a new mechanic.

  4. I just called my ford dealer here they told me if they couldnt fix it i wouldnt pay anything except for the computer test. Im real happy with that!
    I obviously dont know much about mechanics I just try to keep eveything up to date that I know how,when and what to do, everything else is left to a mechanic!(ummm I guess Im hiring lol)!!!
    Anyway ......
    For your questions
    #1. its a 98
    #2. it seems like it idles fine, it has never died on me it runs about 1000 rpm at idle.
    #3. yes its smooth until you hit 30-35 to around 45 if i am faster than that it goes away.
    #4 if i put my foot in it it goes absolutely nowhere! once it shifts in 2nd gear i can step into it with a little better result.
    #5.no it only stutters 30-45 doesnt matter where i am,but i have noticed lately that it seems worse if it has been raining or very high humidity. I keep her under a carport,not left out in the rain.

    I dont know what codes they are but Im going to get her to the ford dealer next week and I think I can trust them not to screw me!

    what really pisses me off most it that i told the last mechanic to fix something and they totally ingnored my request!
    Im about ready to go to school so i can work on it myself!
    thanks for the replies...i will keep u posted