For Sale Lincoln Mark VIII Fan with Overflow


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Nov 13, 1999
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
$175 + $25 shipping from South Florida
I'm sorry to have to let this fan go, but it no longer fits my configuration.
With the oversize supercharger crank pulley & the automatic belt tensioner & the new radiator & balancer, it just doesn't fit anymore. It was always very close
The shroud has been trimmed & the original Lincoln brackets have been cut off.
The shroud has many small holes from various mounting arrangements, but they do not affect cooling.
The factory connector with pigtails is supplied, as shown.
The overflow is brand new, never installed. Overflow cap & sensor assembly is Ford OEM.
The Mark VIII fan flows 4300 cfm & is 18" diameter.
If you use relays to control, you will need ones rated for motor load, i.e. Bosch 75A.
Standard 40A automotive relays will not last long since this fan draws 105A on starting, 42A running.
I have the Bosch relay available for an additional cost of $25/ea.

Mark VIII Fan - front with Overflow.jpg

Mark VIII Fan - back.jpg

This fan has room for the factory radiator overflow.
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