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  1. does anyone have a list of fittings needed to do a line lock install? bending the tubing and doing the flares isnt an issue. i just dont want to have to use a bunch of adaptors. so my plan is to get the fittings i need for each spot and doing everything for scratch. ive tried googling i havent found anything.

    the MC is a bubble flare off the top of my head
    and the prop valve is a double flair.

    i know i'll need to get 2 fittings for the line lock but thats to be expected
  2. Are you using an adjustable proportioning valve? If so, here is what I did. I deleted the stock PV all together. I cut off all the end fittings at the PV. I then went to Napa and bought all new fittings and connectors. I believe the stock lines are 3/16". I ran off the MC to the rear line, bypassing the PV. I then ran out the front MC connection to my LL. I then came out the two exits on the LL to each of the front wheels. It was a lot of flaring, but way clean in my opinion.


    Oh yeah, I carried the LL to Napa in order to match up the sizes that I needed. The inlets and outlets on the LL are NPT if I remember correctly. Your LL should have come with the NPT to double flare adapter. I think I stuck with that same double flare size for everything (been a couple of years now).

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  3. What size fitting did you use on the MC?
  4. M10X1 and M12X1. I reused the stock connectors. I just cut the flare off the old lines then transferred the fittings onto my new lines, then reflared and bent to fit. I used a 94-95 MC FYI.

  5. Guess I need to rent a bubble flare tool
  6. I installed the Hurst line lock this past summer. I did use the Hurst tubing kit and Fox specific adapters. It wasn't bad and sure made the install go a lot faster.
  7. If I remember correctly, the double flare tool should make a bubble flare too. I seriously leanrned how to do it off of YouTube. I practiced on some scrap brake line first.

  8. ive heard that also... think you just do the first flare...

    so looks like i need to get a M10X1 tubing nut and a few NPT to flare nut fittings
  9. MC fitting part number

    i'll add more as i pick them up
  10. Yep, that looks like one of them.

  11. I will list all the fittings soon

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  12. Looks like you got it straightened out. Good job!