Link to a Very interesting story about Chernobyl

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  1. Interesting article, but no thanks, I think I'll just stick to crusing in So Cal. I do like to see other people from time to time and check out other Stangs.

    Maybe we should study the cockroaches, maybe invent a serum to protect us in the event of a nuclear event.
  2. Interesting story, but no "new" news. I have kept up on the whole story, and I must say the chick is nuts. She is a thrill seeker, but not very intellegent. The radioactive dust is in the air, it doesn't need a herd of goats or some damn thing to kick it up. Second, the concrete that was dumped on the reactor to seal it, is in danger of crumbling and releasing the whole nine yards all over again. The core is still hot as shown by satelite, and I think 2-300 years is a uneducated guess as to when the area can be repopulated.
  3. Wow. I've read alot about that, since it happened-but to see the pictures of what is there now.....

    I think she's about my age, perhaps a bit older-I wish there was an email address to contact her.....
  4. She is crazy :crazy:
  5. I've seen a smaller version of that site before. Anyway I think its pretty cool last site didn't show pictures of the structure they built around the reactor. Seems like the ultimate urban exploration to me very interesting. Can't say If I would do it or not but it would be very interesting to do for sure.