List of ppl I hate on SN

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  1. Ok, these people have influenced me into taking on projects like no other lol... bastards:
    Mansonozz, Dman, almost stock, Stang22, 87ttop, and others who have polished nice engine bays. All I have been doing today is polishing and I have one shiny IAC to show for it :D

    Check out my progress, finally found some tripoli at Ace today and went crazy!!
    sorry for the cam phone pics


    finished off the plaque
    refinished my egr spacer.

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  2. looks good. How much time did you spend on them?

    does degree make it shine better?:D
  3. nice good work:nice:
  4. like 2.5 hrs and I need to get some more polishing heads for my dremel to get into the small spots, and tomorrow I am gonna take off the acc. brackets and start them. wow I'm addicted.
  5. right on man, loving that intake
  6. All the guys you've mentioned (I am ignoring myself) have dozens of hours (likely understating hours) into learning the in's and outs of polishing aluminum...there really is a learning curve not only into getting the finish but also doing it reasonably quickly. It really looks like you've done a hell of a job there!!!! just remember the basic ideas to the whole process...smoother the surface the better the reflection....finer the scratches better the reflection. You can never have a perfect mirror with aluminum and infact bad lighting is easily found with polished don't be overly concearned if it's not 'perfect' it likely is damn close.
  7. YUP, this is how it all starts. You do one piece, like the way it looks, then you gotta do another and then another. Sounds like you have caught the "SHINY" addiction.

    As you go along, you will find your own technique and find short cuts. Everyone has their own methods.

    Parts look good by the way. :nice:
  8. ^yup and ^yup.

    Looks awesome for a first attempt, that's for sure! Nice going.

    Watch out for the AC/PS bracket, the finish you get from it will turn to **** in no time.

    psst: polish those IAC bolts or get chrome ones :nice:
  9. lol Envy.... and the last 3 people to post are all people i hate also... but are on the top 10 list to for the Baddest mustangs ever
  10. lol no, I had that as support so I could mock up the egr/tb/iac with only one bolt, I have no idea where the others are piled in my heap of bolts...
  11. Yeah when I mocked it up I was like damn those are ugly lol.

    Looks like I am gonna have to start polishing everything on a bi-weekly basis to keep everything looking good, I have the bug bad.

    And just cuz I am cool like that, I did this in like 2 sec.

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  12. Dave's good eh!!! old hardware will stick out like a sore thumb when installed next to a polished or newly painted item. Now Grey you need to remember a couple things before you get carried away....daily driver and polished parts don't always go nicely hand in hand. Any water that makes contact with the alum is best removed sooner rather than later and polished alum does require somewhat regular alum cleaner applied or it will oxidize as a result of the you need to keep up the maintenence if you wan't to continue that route. It's easier for guys who don't drive in the nasty elements like myself...I don't even think she remembers what rain is.:p ...and neither do most of the guys you listed.
  13. Yeah i know, My old intake plaque I have on the car now has oxidized already from polishing and rainy weather. My car is a DD though, so rain or shine, shes toughin it out. I'm gonna hav to do some work to keep it up. I don't mind, it gives me something to do when I am bored, llike today when the GF wanted me to go to a freaking fashion show featuring... ALL GUYS. Sorry but I am not into that obviously lol, I said tell me how it goes, I'll see you later ,
  14. the middle finger was a good finishing touch
  15. Very Nice!!!:nice: :nice:

    2-1/2hrs for an IAC is actually pretty quick I think.
    You’ve probably already heard this a hundred times but in case you haven’t. The bottom of the IAC is metal and once you’ve polished it, it won’t take long to rust unless you put a clear the bottom cap of the IAC.

    Think about what DMAN is saying and you can’t go wrong.

  16. yeah i was wandering why you polished a middle finger in the egr spacer?
  17. Just remember....a hobby is supposed to be fun, if you are not enjoying it put i down and pick it up later!
  19. Holy shakes batman, take it easy on the caffeine!! :crazy:
  20. Oh no don't get me wrong, I just felt like being a smartass in the title, I am loving this lol.

    Roland I was waiting for someone to notice, the reflection made my hand look like a nub!