List of things that make car rice...

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  1. I guess that many people have many ideas about this topic- discuss.

    1. Any bodykit/bodywork
    2. APC
    3. Aftermarket tail/headlights aside from upgrades (ex. Mustang 01-03)
    4. Colored interior of any sort
    5. An extra Tach (usually they are about 6 inches)
    6. Cheap chrome anywhere (imo stock 03 Cobra wheels are only Chrome
    wheels I will ever own)
    7. Style of driving (burnout= launch?)
    8. Wing (i.e. Cobra R- go ahead give me hell) (stockies are okay-sometimes)
    9. Stickers (unless one is getting paid for advertisements)
    10. 4cyl does not = rice
    11. 10cyl can = rice
    12. LED's
    13. Interior Lighting
    14. Non-painted Carbon Fiber
    15. Graphics
    16. Aftermarket Paint (other than replacement)
    17. "Underglo" (are they still called that?)
    18. Built engine can = rice with other "mods"
    19. Anything one can add to an automobile in Underground
    20. FF drifting
    21. Colored Engine Bays
    22. Cut Springs (wonderful for cornering by the way)
    23. Stlyle of driver (clothing, attitude, grammar)
    24. "Lambo" Doors
    25. Painted Drums
    26. JDM (Yellow) Foglights on Mustangs
    27. Non-painted body panels/ primer
    28. Roof scoops on non ME cars

    Not complete list - help me out guys - or argue it up
    Lets also try to keep this thread all lists with a little discussion
  2. You don't need pics to know exactly what I'm talking about- but I might see what I can do. Also, maybe a few have exceptions- so I'll say that it all depends- those are just broad guidelines, but I am hardcore about that stuff.

    Normally- I wouldn't pay any attention to this, it's just this covers so many of my points-


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  3. Personally I think rice is more of an attitude.

    If you think imports are awesome and domestics suck because you saw MTV's street racing special, you're a dumb ricer. Basically if you're into cars(particularly imports) just because you're a trendy little ****, you're a ricer.

    If you drive like an a**hole everywhere you go, you're a dumb ricer.

    Think about it. Car enthusiasts mod cars for themselves. Ricers do it to make themselves look cool in the eyes of others. All the mods you listed are trends made popular by the whole TF&TF craze. No self respecting car enthusiast would actually use any of those mods because they're point/tasteless. But ricers have embraced them simply because it is a trend.

    I also think anyone who mods a Civic is a ricer. Since when did Honda Civics become cool?!! When I was in HS(class of '02) no kid wanted a Civic, and it sucked for those that ended up with them.
  4. I've gotta say it- my town there were two civic hatches that would wax almost anything else- and they were cheap builds. And at most autox events- civic/integra/rsxs usually do very well, due to weight on technical courses. Not to argue- just to state both sides of the story.

    Edit: what year did the first f&f come out?

    Edit2: The stuff I listed is all trendy-isn't it for the most part? Some could be subjective, but we all know the user of the crap started liking it when the movie came out.
  5. I disagree with #1. Just as examples, Saleen, Roush, and Steeda all use body kits on their cars and they look nice.

    Halfway disagree with #3. Most aftermarket headlights are better than stock on any car.

    Disagree with #4. Either Roush or Saleen use colored interior pieces and it looks nice.

    Disagree with #5. Most people who seriously mod their cars get a monster tach.

    Disagree with #16. Color preference is a matter of personal opinion and a desired color may not be offered stock. I have a 350Z white on my car now, and by comparison, Ford white looks tan. I wanted a white that would cause something similar to snow burn.

    #18 is sort of funny. Call a guy rice, and he blows you and your doors off of your car.

    Disagree with #20. Drifting requires a tremendous amount of skill.

    It's all a matter of taste. I'm glad not everyone has the same taste or every "modded" car would look just like the rest, and would totally defeat the purpose of modding a car. The idea is to "customize". Some times its hit or miss, but as long as the person is happy with their car, who's right is it to tell them it looks bad? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my friend.

    For instance, some guys think that only exterior mods that should be done to a Mustang is a chin spoiler, bullit wheels, and headlights. If you ask what wheels you should get (on these forums especially), the majority of the responses will be "BULLITS!!!" Those cars get boring to look at after you see 100 of them every day. Every group of car enthusiasts has trends that they follow.

    On a personal note, I feel that anyone who mods front-wheel drive car is wasting their time and money. Only import car I like is the 350Z for this reason.

    I would like to add to the list the ghetto way of lowering your car -- cutting up your stock springs. It's really funny watching those cars bounce all over the place.

    PS: Is that a Fiero? I haven't seen one of those in ages.
  6. 1. I now hate roush and saleen for this reason- take note of the new saleen - less if any kit though = better even though I hate new bodies
    3. Are you kidding? Ex? I have silverstar bulbs- bulbs are different from those chrome shiny or clear corner pos's
    4. Really I'm sticking by that - I hate it- but looks are subjective - so I would only give you a little hell for having some.
    5. Why?
    16. Paint is cool as long as its not lime green (or other obvious no-no's)
    18. It still probably sounds like ass and looks cheap as hell
    20. FF= front engine front wheel drive

    I agree completely though dude, looks are subjective- if you like it - I'm happy you had the money do fix it up like that. But, I am also entitled to an opinion. Only import you like is 350 huh? No supra lover? Sti? M5? G35? There are alot of respectable stock imports- I also agree about fwd cars- I, personally, hate understeer. But like I have discussed before - I would take my buddies built rsx-s over my car, but not a stock 99^ GT. Because it really is fun to drive.

    Springs fixed
  7. I have these "ultra-clear" headlights and they dramatically improved my lighting at night.

    Monster tachs come with a shift light which is really handy in drag racing. Set your shift rpm so you can concentrate on keeping your car straight than having to stare at your cluster. It's really handy. Tachs without the light are kind of lame.

    Don't like the supra. Love the engine. Only two things would survive a nuclear war: cockroaches and supra blocks. I don't care much for subaru. I pretty much stick to rwd. G35 is just an enlongated 350Z (Nissan and Infiniti are one in the same, just as Toyota and Lexus are the same, if you didn't know).
  8. The driver.
  9. You can buy a shift light without the tach.

    I do know and the G35 is far, far superior to the 350Z. Same engine and everything I know- I basically have one, well my girlfriend does... went to Colorado to drive it back and everything with her. But, that is also subjective.
  10. It's a better car because it comes from the "expensive" side of Nissan. G35s are nice cars. But it's like having a BMW and most folks who drive BMWs are pretensious little bastards.

    I prefer the Z because it's smaller and has 2 seats.
  11. the term rice burner originally stood for all asian imports that attracted american consumers because of gas mileage. not that i'm always politically correct, but when u think about it, its a pretty racially discriminating term. if you ask me tho, rice is a compact car turned sports car by the owner by means of a fart can, graphics, etc. rice usually comes in different flavors, ie honda toyota. i think ricers are 99% of the time fwd cars because most awd imports were made for performance like subarus and g35s. but of course its possible to turn any respectable car into a ricer with a couple of badly placed graphics, a wing taller than the car itself, and enough neons to create ur own lights show.
  12. '01

  13. ONe kid that went to my High School had a low mileage, dark blue 2nd gen Rx-7 convertible. It was a somehwat rare car, it was stock including the BBS wheel package. This car was in amazing condition and everyone agreed that the car looked perfect stock(we didn't have ricers at my school). The kid kept saying he was gonna leave the car looking stock, but mod the engine and stuff.
    Well later in the year this kid transferred to public school. Next people start talking about seeing his car around town and that he riced it out. When I saw it this poor car had some bright orange dragon going down both sides and a HUGE erector set looking ricer wing(this **** actually drilled 6 holes to mount this monstocity).

    This is why I say most ricers are trendy and they do it because they think it makes them look cool. You can buy into that BS about people modding their cars the way they want, but I have seen several people change their minds about their own cars after hanging around people with different taste. If a ricer starts hanging out with domestic kids, he'll eventually start hating his own car. It can also work the other way around.
  14. :notnice:
    I'm half-filipino. Not offended one bit. ...funny thing is I did eat some fried rice today.

    If someone gets offended by "ricer" they are way too sensitive. It's not like there's a group of anti-asians running around in the woods burning crosses and yelling "Kill the ricer."
  15. Most of the people that could be considered ricers in my area are Mexicans. They all tend to mod the same way, so what '66 coupe is saying is right on.
  16. Thats actually why I like the G more- the seats. I like them both though.

    [QUOTE='66 coupe]:notnice:
    It's not like there's a group of anti-asians running around in the woods burning crosses and yelling "Kill the ricer."[/QUOTE]

    Who wants to be in my new club?
  17. I actually kind of like some "rice" cars. Some ricers keep the cleanest, shiniest cars. There's a guy who owns a mexican restaurant in town that owns a 98 civic coupe. It's a metalic deep blue. Clean car. He does have a body kit on it, but it's not the typical cow-catcher front bumper. Probably has more stuff done to it, but I've never stopped to look.
  18. Hey Lambostang, I'm glad you posted those pictures! I have seen the one-piece headlight and corner marker advertised, but never seen one on a car. Yours looks good! If they had a clear non-smoked one I would consider it for my car when the Cobra headlights I have now are shot. To me the one-piece looks a lot cleaner since there are no issues with lining up separate pieces. Like the painted mirrors too!