List of things that make car rice...

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  1. They do have a clear set.
  2. ok since u had a lot of input on mine...lemme see...bodykits can look good when they are Companies that work with ford...Steeda, Roush, Saleen, a COBRA conversion and Cobra R conversion looks good too...headlights stock are nice but some projectors or clear coners can work with the right car, Graphics can be nice Steeda ones, Saleen with conversion, and The duals you see on the new GT's look good so you have to take in consideration the car itself...dragon stuff from advance auto sucks.............i painted my interior and it looks real good i did a real good clean job and my car is always clean period so everything looks alot better....carbon fiber not painted is not rice you just save money with not painting while having a little design color carbon fiber can look nice interior is done under the dash with blue leds and no1 has said they looked bad...also a LED multi color/function kit undermy car from street glow when I go to shows...everyone has loved it so far...i dont drive with them on though.....i gota go to work so il write more lata
  3. Pure Rice = painted brake drums!!! :fuss: crapola :rlaugh:
  4. Lambo- in my opinion... yes- like you said- it falls into atleast 1/2 of my specs. If you saw the same stuff on a Civic... would you consider it rice? Seriously though man- no offense at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and my friends/ girlfriend and I are all hardcore about that kind of stuff.

    Bodykits looking good is completely subjective.. honestly I have only seen one- the barely noticeable veilside kit for G35s ... it adds foglight holes- I still would never buy it- just... if it came on the car- I wouldnt' rip it off first thing. I'll agree too about the cobra conversion kit. Of course only the 03 and up Cobra, but also IMO if it isn't a Cobra...??? Also- I, personally, hate clear corners. They always look cheap to me, like the originals broke and someone bought the cheapest replacements possible. I also, hate stickers- even those that fill in the "mustang" on the back of the car- i used to like them though- idk why i quit. Everything else you listed- i think i already talked about, but seriously dude- I just started this thread because I was curious about every one elses definition of rice- not to be offensive... Seriously- I respect everyone's opinion all the time- even if I dont' sound like I do.
  5. ok. I know what my car has that fell into your "rice" specs. From you looking at that car, can you tell me what they are?
  6. Just wanted to comment about how nice Lambostang's car is. Do you have lambo doors?
  7. My car has the same body parts ;)


  8. Yea 90Degree's. hate them
  9. Vert doors are a good way to waste a grand or so.

  10. 500 bucks from a friend of mine.
  11. Good way to waste $500 :p

    I haven't heard of anyone yet that liked lambo doors in the long term.

    Why don't you like them?
  12. Mine for the most part are not that bad cuz they open so high. I dont use it as a daily driver so its not as bad as I make it sound. If it rains or whatnots you dont want to use it cuz you cant get in the car and get them down and shut fast. ( rather stay dry then look cool ). I do alot of the smaller shows around here and the doors tend to draw ALOT of attention from the younger kids cuz its "cool" so when the kids run to the car the parents run after them and it gets alot of attention too. More the car is seen then the more they are going to remember when they do the "public choice".
  13. I've said it before, that carolina blue has got to go! :p Throw up some pics of your interior...
  14. you can somewhat see the painted interior in his avatar. I've always thought lambo doors look pretty cool but see like they may be a hassle.
  15. Yeah that's why I asked for larger photos.

  16. I said it before too its not blue its silver-ish blue lol. Ok as for pics just let me put on my flame suit cuz its going to be an either you like it or you dont thing. Click to make bigger

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  17. The lambo doors draw attention from the little kids because they are in the F&F stage. I was like 14 when the movie came out- I liked the cars in the movie. Then at about 15- I actually began looking at vehicles on the internet - in order to buy them- and actually learned what engines, drivetrains, and weight were (apparently I didn't learn enough though- I have a V6 Mustang). Seriously though Lambo- I don't understand. I always get pissed when I see 03/4 Cobras gayed up and always think that the buyer should have wasted a V6 instead- so thank you for saving a perfectly good 03/4 body. No offense man- I am very very hardcore about my opinions- which are subjective to everyone. And like I said- if you guys saw a Civic that looked like that- would it be rice? I honestly do wish I had that much money to throw into my car- outcome wouldn't be quite the same...

    When you gonna paint the Predator?

    Also, just to straighten this up- When I said upgrading the "01-03" I meant replacing 99-02s with headlights from 03-04s
  18. See thats it. I got this car new in 98. I was 16 at the time. The car is a 98. Personaly I dont like the 99-04 body style ( personal opinion ). Waste of a V6... O no no buddy. Ask alot of the 99and up GTs from Mustang Week if its a waste. More then meets the eyes then the paint and goffy looking doors. You dont think I would do all that and not have some suspises for everybody do you??
  19. '99-2000 had silver headlights.
    '01-'04 had the blackened housings.
  20. Your interior could be a padded room for a pediatric nuthouse.:D