List of things that make car rice...

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  1. Any car that is made to look "2 FAST 2 FURIOUS DAWG" and can get raped by my 3hp gocart is rice. There's a guy near me, white civic, black hood, "hood pins" 3M taped to the hood (no really, I watched him pull the lever and open the hood like normal), dual fart cans (WTF...I can understand duals on a V6 because it has 2 headers, but on an I4? my ass puts out more HP per litre), body kit that is primer color, dresses all "gangstah" like then revs at the kids on their bikes. Don't get me wrong, I understand what happens when 20ft-lbs of torque gets thrown through a 4.56 gear ratio on a 50lb car, it'll go fast. But you know what, my V6 sounds a freaking HELL of a lot better and looks a TON better than a civic. The only way you can make a bad ass civic is rip off the body panels, fab up a Mustang onto the frame and drop a V8 with dual magnaflows into it....but that would just be an absolute desecration of the Mustang looks so.
    And I run high 15's in an AUTO, in the Houston TX Summer. Look at that wonderfully long mod list...not long at all. I even beat a manual Civic Si bone stock who said he was a decent driver. But I have respect for the guy, he knew what his car ran, he accepted it, he hates rice and what they do to the civic, repsects all cars, and just has fun.
  2. Which one? The shoe-looking ones? I almost laughed when I learned what HP those made. An SE-R Sentra is WAY better than those things LOL.

    No problem man. I wasn't trying to be personal or anything either.:cheers:
    I was just wanted to say that if you attack one V6er's car, no matter what his views are, you attack every other stanger that has that car; even those that agree with you. I used to be one of these guys too; I loved Mustangs but couldn't get a GT at the time, so I guess I'm just more sympathetic to their situation.
  3. Not true.

  4. Also not true.


  5. Maybe if you have a yellow car and your headlights are wait it's still not appealing.
    And yeah, it was a 2000 civic Shoe/door wedge. I was just saying the civic si isnt all as fast as people make it to be. And if you want a fast V6er, look at the NMRA. The 3rd fastest car right now is a single turbo'd 1995 V6 very heavily built. A 9.8 second production based V6 is deffinately something to be amazed at.
  6. I can't believe I haven't mentioned this earlier...

    Roof scoops on non-mid engine cars.
  7. How about a Euro-muffler on ANY car?
    They're ugly, they sound like ****, I ****ing hate them!

    My friend had one on his old Eclipse. I asked him, "Why couldn't you just use a normal looking high-flow muffler?"
    His response: "That wouldn't make any sense cause it's an import."
    :rolleyes: :nonono:
  8. Yeah for fart cannons
  9. Which is better, folgers or maxwell house?
  10. 97 GT - You got me with the fogs and chin spoiler. I guess in my defense doing that was less expensive and made less of an impact on my car, but I see where you are coming from, and it is a good point.
    Also, I honestly never said that what the car is makes it rice or not, alot of people here can attest to my liking of imports - RSX's etc. And just because it is on the list doesn't mean it makes a car rice. Also, there are a hell of a lot of imports out there that can beat me, alot of them being civics/accords etc... I know my car is slow, very, very slow. Although, I don't beleive that having a nicer car than someone makes them better than someone else. For the 12K I paid for my car- I could have a few other things that are faster than most people who have posted in here already. I understand that most people don't agree with what I put.. thats why I started the thread- for a discussion. I also like that you guys didn't start throwing crap at each other.

    Edit: I didn't do the fogs or chin spoiler to make people think I have a V8- I know a few people who do stuff like that to make people think the car is a V8- those are the people I am talking about.
  11. It's cause we drive Mustangs, not rice, so we are grown up enough not to throw crap at each other, then eat it and the bugs out of our hair like rabid monkeys. Oh and if you wanna say roof scoops, WTF is with offset roof scoops? I mean have any of these people picked up a book on physics or aerodynamics? Oh wait, they are all rabid monkeys, I forgot.

    And trock, seeing as how folgers went to plastic ones, it took them out of the list. But if you can get a can with the freshness sealer intact, its like adding a turbo for each cylinder. And how bout these people who get the fake BOV sounds? When you run a 19 second 1/8th and it sounds like your BOV is always may want to revise your status in life.
  12. Get an A/C compressor that whines really bad. Then, you can drive around with your A/C on all the time and make people think you have a supercharger ;)
  13. "Revise your status in life" is a great quote.
  14. Why, people think my BBK Cold air intake is a supercharger lol.
  15. also drilling holes in your exhaust will make it sound like you have borlas:>.

    I think the key thing that makes a car rice is the drivers attitude towards other people and other cars. The "my car is the best" attitude pisses me off whenever i am around those people. Although the guy who graduated from my school last year with a 97 M3 certainly did have the fastest car. It was even quicker than the 300ZX that he had before it.
  16. If the person has a nice car and they're cocky, they're just an *******.
    If the person has a ****ty car and they're cocky, they're a ricer.

    I was at a Mustang/Ford cruise Sat. night with some friends and one guy pulled up in a Ford GT. He drew a crowd then started boosting his ego by telling some other middle-aged guy about how he walked some Lambo on I4. I wouldn't call people like that ricers. But they can be cocky *******s.
  17. The guy was actually really cool. He wasn't much of a dick unless someone who didn't know anything about cars tried to contradict something he knew was right.

    Did anyone read the Motor Trend where they tested a new C6 against a Henessy Viper, Livernios Mustang, Accufab Ford GT, Lingenfelter C6 and some GTO? Pretty cool article.
  18. I have something that no one will argue about on this rice or no rice. A car in my old town had 2 spoilers on a fwd car. Thats right I said 2. It was a Sebring and instead of taking the stock spoiler off they put the wing on right over top of it. I wish I had a pick.

    Also one person put a spoiler off of a limo ( you know the boomerang looking ones that are sometimes antennas) on the front of his white cavalier. Right smack dab in the center of the hood. I mean seriously what was he thinking. I'm not even sure where he got the limo spoiler. Just thought I would post something people might not heard of yet.